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The Candidate Search tool enables ministry leaders to define candidate profiles based upon any combination of personality, spiritual gifts, leadership style or skill. By selecting "Search" all appropriate ministry candidates will display.

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The ePersonality selection field provides 16 personality categories to choose from, derived from our personality test.  Each category report specifically details how people with the selected profile would best serve in ministry.

The Grace Gifts selection field provides as many as 24 spiritual gifts for refining your team building efforts.

The Leadership Style selection field provides six leadership roles.  This assessment, more than any other is essential for identifying key positional leaders when team building.

The Skills selection field allows your ministry to select people who possess specific skills, training, and experience when team building.

Because provides full integration of our personality test, spiritual gifts test, leadership style test and skills tracking program, your ministry is able to accurately position each individual within your ministry.

Our robust candidate search feature makes it easy to find just the right candidate, it even displays the exact quantity of available candidates for each search category!

Candidate Search Results:

  • Mary Barns (email) 1-616-555-3434
  • Carrie Gates (email) 1-616-555-9849
  • Jack Johnson (email) 1-616-555-8923
  • Bob Sampson (email) 1-616-555-3443

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