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Church Consultant Program offers a simple, yet profitable, program to support the ministry mobilization efforts of church consultants. Our program enables consultants to easily earn a 200% profit margin (or more) on their investment.

>> Download the Consultant Flier (PDF)

To take advantage of's Church Consultant Program, simply implement the following steps:

  1. Create a ministry account for your consultation organization with
  2. Order a large package of assessment packs (See recommendation chart below); The larger the package purchased, the lower the price-per-pack cost, and the greater the profit margin potential.
  3. Create additional ministry accounts, one for each client-church served by your organization. Please be sure to use unique login ID's and passwords distinct to each client-church (ministry) account created.
  4. Contact to request our staff to re-allocate X# of assessment packs from your primary consultant account to each of your client-church accounts. This is a FREE service offered by In your email communication, please include: Your name, the name and location of your consultation ministry account, your email address, the specific names and locations of your client-churches, and the number of assessment packs to be reallocated to each client-church. will complete the transfer, usually within 24-hours, and will email a confirmation.
  5. Bill your client-churches for whatever price-per-pack you believe is appropriate. In general, you will wish to undercut the retail price offered by; For example: If charges $4.49/pack for 100 assessments, your ministry may wish to charge your client $4.00/pack for the same quantity. If your organization paid $1.50/pack for 1,000 units, your profit margin on this transaction would be $2.50/unit x 100 units = $250 profit.


Package Description Price
Base 25 Packs at $5.96 $149
Base Plus 50 Packs at $5.38 $269
Small Church 1 75 Packs at $5.32 $399
Small Church 2 100 Packs at $4.49 $449
Medium Church 1 150 Packs at $4.32 $649
Medium Church 2 250 Packs at $3.60 $899
Large Church 1 500 Packs at $2.40 $1,199
Large Church 2 1,000 Packs at $1.50 $1,499
Megachurch 1 2,500 Packs at $1.30 $3,250
Megachurch 2 5,000 Packs at $1.00 $5,000
* No refunds for unused assessment packs.

Branding Options often receives requests from church consultants for advice on how they may be able to re-brand the assessments. All assessments are the legal property of E-Church Essentials, LLC, parent organization for However, each of your client-church accounts on includes the ability to integrate our "assessment portal" into a page of your organization's website. Some consultants will have their webmasters generate hidden web-pages within their website for each client-church ministry. The portal code associated with each individual client-church is the inserted into these hidden pages on the consultant's website. The consultant then shares the URL address of the hidden assessment page with the leadership of the client-church...all client-church members are then directed to the consultant's web-page to register an account and take the assessments. A small logo will appear in the frame of the assessment center portal. However, by using this strategy, it is very clear that the assessment service is offered by your organization.

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