Try Before You Buy understands that using online assessments may be new to your ministry. We further appreciate that you may have initial concerns regarding how easy it will be to turn your ministry website into an online assessment center. For these reasons, we want you to try for FREE. Simply register your ministry with to create a private ministry account. Your account will be 100% functional, and will NOT contain any advertisements. Your Assessment Pack Bank will be preloaded with five FREE Packs...each Pack contains all three assessments and skills tracking for one individual. If you so desire, you may copy and paste the portal code generated by our program into your ministry website to create an instant online assessment center within your own website. There is no registration fee and no contracts. You may cancel at any time. When you are ready, your administrator may purchase a quantity of Assessment Packs for your ministry via our secure e-commerce gateway. As your Assessment Pack Bank nears depletion, the program will automatically notify your administrator via email.