There Is No Comparison:

An entire Assessment Pack for one individual, consists of...

  • ePersonality (personality test)
  • Grace Gifts (spiritual gifts test)
  • Leadership Style (team building test)
  • Skills Tracking

For ministries, a complete Assessment Pack costs no more than $9.00. With quantity purchases, the cost dramatically drops as low as $3.00 per Assessment Pack!

How does this compare with traditional online assessment systems like DiSC® and Myers-Briggs® ? They cost between $42 and $65 per assessment! pricing represents an 86%+ savings.

In addition, we designed to be a superior resource exclusively for ministries. Only provides four integrated assessment tools that are designed exclusively for ministry team building, a database with powerful candidate search engine features, and the ability to have all assessments taken directly from your website.

It's Time to Count the Costs

Consider a cost accounting analysis of versus paper-based assessments like Network or SHAPE. These tools are excellent team building resources for the Church, however the time and effort it takes to manually enter, track, and utilize their data can be burdensome upon a ministry. It is common to find medium to large size ministries investing hundreds of man hours to enter and manage assessment data from paper-based assessments. requires no data entry and virtually no data management. Your ministry members create their own accounts and take the assessments online. The results are immediately stored within the database. This streamlined approach allows your staff to focus on mobilizing people for ministry rather than merely administrating data!

Assessment Pack Prices:


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