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The Skills and Interests profile empowers people to communicate particular skills that may be relevant to ministry (e.g. "electrician", "guitar player"). It also enables people to list particular areas of ministry passion or experience.

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The SKILLS portion of the program is not truly an assessment tool. Rather, it is a skills and interest tracking mechanism.

The SKILLS tracking tool does not consist of any predefined list or categories. Rather, people can define their own categories, or select a category previously defined by another person.

For each category defined, the user may enter comments. So, for example, they may create a skills category called "Guitar Player". Associated with this new category, the user may provide descriptions regarding their level of skill, their preferred music style, the musical equipment they possess, or any other relevant information they desire to share with ministry leadership. When ministry leadership conducts a Candidate Search for "Guitar Players", all guitarists will display, along with the personal notes and comments they have entered.  Tracking and reporting on individual skills is essential for effective team building.

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