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> Ruth Ott - Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX
Ruth Ott
"To date, we have assessed more than 9,000 people for ministry fit. By using the selection process we have been able to consistently identify leaders to teach classes each semester. If you are looking for a process to equip your members in one easy format, I would recommend"  More...
> Greg Baird - Kidmin360
Susan Ketcham
"AssessMe has been a wonderful addition to our toolbox for helping to equip & connect children’s ministry leaders."  More...
> Susan Ketcham - Church Multiplication, Reformed Church in America
Susan Ketcham
"This assessment tool has become a standard part of our assessment process for two years now. I have found it to be very effective as it helps to paint a picture of the individual and how God has already been at work in their lives, equipping them for the work He has for them to do. I recommend it all the time! "  More...
> Kande Wilson- Vineyard Community Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Kande Wilson
"It fills a void left open by many of the popular personality assessments and spiritual gifts tests out there. They can be helpful to a degree, but lack an overall picture of a person and how they will function in a ministry setting."  More...
> Thomas Elenbaas - Fair Haven Ministries, Hudsonville, MI, USA
Thomas Elenbaas
"As we build an equipping ministry, knowing the combination of Leadership Style, Giftedness, Personality, and Skills is highly valuable. It's so easy for ministry leaders to search in AssessMe for people whom God has already uniquely designed to fit the areas in which our ministry needs them. It's true that God provides the people where he leads in ministry – and AssessMe helps to make the connection."  More...
> Dennis Moore - Trinity Church, Lansing, Michigan, USA
Dennis Moore
"What intrigued me most was how one could use the assessments you provide to help someone identify their life mission, form teams, and provide mentoring for ministry mobilization... I found your book intriguing and probably the most useful tool I've ever been exposed to."
> Dan Webster - Founder, Authentic Leadership
Dan Webster
"Dave Posthuma and E-Church Essentials share my passion to train and inspire leaders to live authentic lives of great impact. Rarely do you meet someone as passionate about the church with the technological genius of Dave. I love how he is helping churches by leading them into the technological future. Pay attention to what he is doing and access his outrageous resource. It will help you as you both grow and organize your church."
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> Leonard Sweet - Drew University, George Fox Evangelical Seminary,
Leonard Sweet
"Ever wonder what it was like to have been on the ground floor with Jeff Bezos of or Pierre Omidyar of Wonder no longer. Join Dave Posthuma of E-ChurchEssentials and hold on –- the future of the church is forming right before your eyes and under your feet."
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