Team Building Book for Churches using Spiritual Gifts, Personality, and Leadership Style Tests

Made for a Mission

Discovering God's Unique Design for your Life and Ministry
by David Posthuma
Made for a Mission book

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Have you ever asked yourself: "Why am I here?" Made for a Mission offers a biblically informed and strategic method to help you answer this all-important question.

Made for a Mission is ideal for pastors, staff, and lay leaders who desire to be better equipped in the art of team building and ministry mobilization. By utilizing spiritual gifts, personality, and leadership style test, the reader will be able to build more effective ministry teams, as well as have defined a personal life mission plan that honors their God ordained design.

"I found your book intriguing and probably the most useful tool I've ever been exposed to... "
Dennis Moore - Senior Director of Spiritual Formation  -- Trinity Church, Lansing, MI
"The book has provided Godly confirmation that we’re on firm ground...challenging, but firm! I am thanking God for your book and spirit-lead insight provided!"
Darin Derrick, Growth Ministry Director - Christian Life Church

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