Church Assessment Programs

Our Church Assessment Programs Help People Mature In their Faith & Serve with Excellence

Our ministry offers two Church Assessment Programs. Your church may use our programs either separately or together. Use both programs, and they share information. This synergy makes the most powerful disciple-making and disciple-mobilizing system available. So, if your church values Making Disciples, and  Equipping those Disciples to Serve Christ, then is perfect for your church. So, let’s now learn more about our programs:

Volunteer Mobilization Church Assessment Program

Volunteer Mobilization

Volunteer Mobilization Church Assessments Program


Our Volunteer Mobilization Church Assessment Program offers three assessments plus skills tracking. Each assessment is designed to help church leaders mobilize the right people into the right service roles. These assessments, plus skills tracking, comprise what we call an “Assessment Pack”. We believe that all these assessments plus skills tracking are crucial for mobilizing people into proper service roles. In addition, these assessments provide a check-and-balance for each other, thereby validating assessment accuracy. For these reasons, we do not break-up our Assessment Packs. Your church Pre-Purchases Assessment Packs for the quantity of people you wish to assess. Purchase additional Assessment Packs at any time. The more Assessment Packs purchased at one time, the lower the per-person price becomes. Each Assessment Pack includes…

  1. ePersonality: The ePersonality is a classic 4-quadrant, 16-temperament type, personality assessment similar to DiSC or Myers-Briggs. However, our personality assessment is designed exclusively for Christians. This assessment explores Ministry Temperament; how God designed us to serve Him and others.
  2. GraceGifts: Then, our GraceGifts Spiritual Gifts Test is unique in that it filters the gift reports through personality, resulting in more precise gift reporting.
  3. Leadership Style: Next, our Leadership Style Assessment helps church leaders build highly effective ministry teams.
  4. Skills Tracking: Finally, our Skills Tracking system reveals the skills God has developed within your church members.

NextSteps Discipleship Church Assessment Program

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Disciple-Making Church Assessments


The NextSteps Disciple-Making Church Assessment Program takes your church’s discipleship program to a whole new level. NextSteps offers two integrated assessments:

  1. Spiritual Growth AssessmentAssesses Spiritual Growth Over Nine Growth Phases. And,
  2. Felt-Need AnalysisAssesses 24 Felt-Need Categories that May Aid or Block Spiritual Growth.

Also, NextSteps offers a third feature: Disciple Equipping Center. The Disciple Equipping Center helps manage your church’s disciple-making programs, small groups, classes, and resources. It provides a disciple-making structure and process that many churches find helpful.

NextSteps is to be retaken over and over, so that it may track each person’s spiritual progress. Then, NextSteps creates Progress Reports that convey each person’s spiritual growth, stagnant growth, or spiritual decline. Finally, you may customize nearly every part of this church assessment program, including: Titles, Question Pools, and Reports! We designed NextSteps to flex and fit with your church’s unique discipleship culture.