The NextSteps Disciple-Making Assessment & Tracking Program

A Disciple-Making Program by

The NextSteps Discipleship Assessment and Tracking Program is now available after 14-years of study and testing! Since 2002, E-Church Essentials LLC and have served the local church by providing assessments for spiritual gifts, personality, leadership style, and skills tracking. The purpose of these assessments are to aid the local church to effectively mobilize people into ministry service. But one important piece of information was lacking…a way to measure the spiritual maturity of the people we mobilize into ministry service! NextSteps provides this important information. It not only lets your church leadership know how spiritually mature your people are, but it also helps disciple them toward deeper faith in Christ.

The NextSteps discipleship assessment and tracking system is a Real Game-Changer for your Church…

NextSteps is a separate subscription-based program from our Volunteer Mobilization Assessments. It may be used on its own, or it may integrate into our Volunteer -Mobilization program. NextSteps is a web-based disciple-making solution that allows you to evaluate your spiritual gifts and will help your leadership to:

  • ASSESS people regularly for their present spiritual formation phase.
  • TRACK people’s discipleship progress, formation-phase graduations, and global discipleship trends for church ministry planning.
  • EQUIP people based upon three broad formation phases: Discover, Develop, and Deploy…with 3 sub-phases each, totaling 9 Phases.

Our disciple-making program is built around three major phases of spiritual development: Discover, Develop, and Deploy. Each phase supports three sub-phases to account for spiritual growth. This results in a total of nine phases of spiritual development. Each of these 9 phases includes a custom equipping center where your church may define the programs, classes, programs, and other resources that your leadership believes are best suited for promoting spiritual maturation at each developmental phase. To learn more, select the links above.