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Are the AssessME.org Programs Responsive to Screen Size?

This website and the NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program are fully responsive at present. However, the Ministry Mobilization Assessment Program may currently be used only with laptops and tablets. Lord willing, we hope to complete the AssessME 2.0 development in the Fall of 2016, which would then make the mobilization assessments fully responsive.

Are there additional costs?

AssessME.org consists of two integrated programs in one. You may opt to use only one of our programs…Ministry Mobilization Assessments or the NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program…or use both concurrently.

Our Ministry Mobilization Assessment Program requires ministry organizations to pre-purchase assessment packs. The more packs purchased at any one time, the less expensive the packs are per-person (As low as $3/person for all the mobilization assessments and skills tracking).

Our NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program is more than an assessment. It helps ministry leadership track the spiritual progress of every ministry member, while also assisting leadership to disciple every member. Since discipleship is an ongoing, life-time process, NextSteps requires your ministry to have a membership with NextSteps by AssessME.org, paid monthly based upon the quantity of people being discipled. Monthly per-member costs can be less than $0.07 per person with our Unlimited Plan.

There are no additional fees required to utilize the AssessME.org mobilization and spiritual formation programs.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Your ministry administrators may activate either AssessME.org program at any time. If you wish to discontinue either or both AssessME.org program accounts, please contact the AssessME.org staff by calling 1-800-724-1159.

Can I Export My Ministry Data?

Yes. AssessME.org supports CSV and XML data export options.

To export your data, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your ministry’s administrative account, or if your personal account has been promoted to Admin status, use your own log in ID and password.
  2. Once logged in, locate the info-box entitled: “Export”; it is located on your administrative homepage on the third-row of info-boxes within that page.
  3. Select “Export assessment data” to visit the data-export page.
  4. Once the Export page loads, select either “Export to CSV”, which opens into your default spreadsheet program, or “Export to XML”.

NOTE: We offer an  XML Schema Definition (XSD) within your ministry’s Export page so that your programmers may create a custom data import interface between your church’s custom management software and AssessME.org. In addition, some but not all, ChRM software solutions we have listed in our “Integrations” page, have used our Schema Definitions to create dedicated data-import features within their software.

Can I Retake My Assessments Without Creating Another User Account?

Yes. Within the AssessME.org Ministry Mobilization Assessment Program, your account administrators may reset your account by visiting the Users area, searching and selecting your name, and the selecting “Reset Account”. Account resets will wipe ALL assessment results from the account, while retaining the login, contact, and skills profile information for that account. Resetting a user’s account will cost the ministry organization an additional assessment pack from their pack bank.

The NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program is designed to have your ministry members retake the assessment every 6, 12, or 18 months as determined by your account administrators. NextSteps archives all previous assessment history as well as strategy resources completed.

Can Non-Computer Users Still Take the Assessment?

Technically speaking, our Ministry Mobilization Assessments do offer a PDF of the question pool within the system’s online help files. However, we STRONGLY urge you not to make use of this option. If you do, your staff will still need to create an account for the user, and manually enter the data. Data entry is not easy and is very time consuming, because the question pool is scrambled every time an individual logs into the program. It is much more effective to invite the candidate to come into the church office and do the assessments online with a volunteer or staff person operating the computer on his/her behalf.

The NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program is exclusively an online discipleship support program; it requires the use of a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Does AssessME.org Offer A Test Drive?

Yes. When you register your ministry, you will have a one-time option to purchase five (5) assessment packs, and receive access to NextSteps for 15 days, for only $25. Then, when your ministry is ready to move forward with AssessME.org, our software will deduct the $25 you paid for the test drive from your first purchase order.

Does AssessME Offer Programs for Church Consultants or Multi-Campus Ministries?

Yes. For church consultants, and multi-campus ministries, the parent organization may purchase a large quantity of assessment packs in order to get the lowest per-person price. Then, request by email that we setup a ministry account on AssessME.org for their client-church(s) or campus site(s), and ask that we transfer a specified quantity of assessment packs from the parent organization account, to the client/campus account. This is a free service.

Information we require to create an account includes:

  • Ministry Name
  • Ministry address
  • Ministry State and ZIP Code
  • Email Address for Auto-Notifications
  • Name of Account Administrator
  • Phone Number of Account Administrator

Transfers of assessment packs are generally completed within 24-hours. The church consultant may then bill the client church for the assessment packs assigned to their account. So for example, the church consultant may purchase assessment packs at $3/pack. and resell them to their client ministries for $5 or $6/pack. Generally church consultants will resell our assessment packs at, or below, our retail price for a given quantity. This enables church consultants to earn a near 100% profit on investment, with only about 10 minutes of their personal time invested. In addition, the church consultant can have access to the client church database.

Finally, many church consultants will utilize our “Seamless Portal” integration to configure their various assessment centers into hidden pages of their business website…a distinct page for each church client. In so doing, the consultant directs client congregation members to his/her website to take the assessments, and AssessME appears to be a service branded and offered exclusively by the consultant organization.

Do I Have to Use Both the Spiritual Formation and Ministry Mobilization Programs?

While our traditional Ministry-Mobilization Assessments, and the NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program are designed to work together, your organization can elect to register just one or the other independently. However, based upon Matthew 28:19, we strongly believe that disciple-making is a critical mission of the local church. We also believe, according to Ephesians 4:12, that equipping people to serve Christ is another of the local church’s critical missions. Finally, we also believe there is an important relationship between spiritual maturity and ministry service responsibility. Without sufficient objective data, our church leaders have no idea how mature in Christ most of their congregants truly are, nor how God has designed, gifted, and call each person to serve Him. So while we offer the programs separately, we believe that a healthy, Biblically-informed discipleship philosophy, cannot ignore both critical missions inherent to mature disciple-making.

How can I Notify My People to Register and Take the Assessments?

AssessME.org includes a mass-mailing feature…simply paste-in email addresses, edit the default message as necessary, and click “Send”. The email message includes a link for your ministry’s assessment center location. Your people are then prompted to register a user account, login, and take the assessments.

How Do I Get Started with AssessME.org?

AssessME.org is automated software. So all you need to do is CLICK HERE to begin the ministry registration process.

How do I Purchase Additional Assessment Packs

Simply log into your ministry’s AssessME.org administrative account and select the Purchase/Buy button or link. Follow the purchase wizard. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

NOTE: Quantity discounts apply to your present order only. AssessME.org does NOT have the capability to track all your purchases made over the years and issue discounts based upon your purchase history.

How Will I Receive My/People’s Assessment Reports?

Individuals create and manage their own user accounts, which are associated with your ministry’s administrative account. Individuals may log into their account at any time to view or print their reports. Ministry Administrators may look-up people’s reports through the alphabetical directory, by using the Candidate Search Engine Feature, or through the User Report features. Because most email security systems now block automated emails, and email is not secure, the AssessME.org software will not email people’s reports.

I Am Having a Technical Problem, What Do I Do?

Call our toll-free phone number, 1-800-724-1159, and select option 2 for technical support. You may also use our contact form to send us a message requesting help. We typically respond to appeals for assistance on the same day as the request is made.

I Have Registered My Ministry, But Cannot Find My Assessment Center

To locate the assessments, each individual must go to your ministry’s assessment center and register as “User” of your ministry account. This is the only way AssessME.org can assign assessments to individuals. To locate the address of your assessment center, log into your Administrative account and locate the first quadrant in the upper-left of the screen labeled, “Assessment Center”. This quadrant will read: “Your Assessment Center is located at:


Record this Link. Every person wishing to take the assessments must register a free user account with your ministry.” NOTE: The “XXXX” in the URL address represents a specific ID number for your ministry’s assessment center.

Is AssessME.org Apple Compatible?

Yes. AssessME.org is browser-based software, so any device with an internet browser should be able to use AssessME.org without any issues. All major internet browsers are supported.

Is Support Included?

Basic questions and technical support are offered free of charge. However, if your ministry desires staff training or consultation on how to best integrate AssessME.org into your ministry’s programming structures, we offer this kind of advanced support in 10-hour blocks, pre-paid at $100/hour. To purchase support hours, log into your ministry’s administrative account.

Is the NextSteps Program Truly Editable?

Yes. We understand that your discipleship culture is unique. This is why NextSteps is designed to be editable, so that your version of NextSteps may truly reflect your discipleship values and process.

Your ministry administrators may edit all reports and question pools. In addition, you may edit the sub-titles used in our nine phases of spiritual formation. Finally, each one of the nine formation phases has a corresponding “Strategy Page”. The Strategy Pages are 100% editable and are intended for your ministry to define programs, courses, classes, etc. that are perfectly suited to each discipleship phase.

The only part of NextSteps which is not editable, is the three global assessment movements: Discover, Develop, and Deploy.

What about Refunds?

Due to royalty obligations and our quantity discount program, AssessME.org does not offer refunds for assessment packs, nor for your ministry’s use of the NextSteps Spiritual Formation program.

What References do We Offer?

To view reference letters from long-time client ministries, CLICK HERE.

When Will the NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program Become Available?

The NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program is now available. Sign-up and begin your test drive now to see how good this program really is!

Why Does AssessME.org Provide Separate Assessment Reports Rather than Blend all Assessments Results into One Concise Report?

The reason AssessME.org does not blend the results of each assessment into one concise report is so that the various assessments provide a check-and-balance to one another. For example, if two assessments show a person to be highly relational, and the third assessment shows the individual to be highly task-driven, then this discrepancy should raise a red-flag in minds of account Administrators. Discrepancies among the reports can occur for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Assessments may have been taken on different dates, and as a result, the individual may have been experiencing differing life-stresses from day-to-day.
  • The person being assessed did not properly understand the questions being asked, or the individual read into the questions more than was being asked within an assessment.
  • The individual may have been consciously or subconsciously responding to assessment questions based upon what he or she perceived church leaders were looking for.
  • The individual lacks sufficient life-experience to discern between activities he or she prefers and those activities he or she distains.
  • Some people, for various reasons, may fall into a category commonly called “People-Pleasers”. People-pleasers often lack focus on what they prefer to do or be since most of their life they have tried to re-shape themselves to please others. This is a distortion of their true personality-type. The assessment that generally best reflects this problem is the Leadership Style Assessment…in such cases this assessment report will be characterized as relatively flat-lined across the continuum.

Will AssessME Email Me When My People Register or Complete Assessments?

Not currently. Most email security systems now block automated emails from arriving in your inbox. You can log into your AssessME.org dashboard and select the User Management interface. Here, you can generate reports that will list the people who have registered recently (quantity of days is user defineable), as well as generate reports on who has completed assessments recently (quantity of days is user defineable). You can also generate reports for people who have not completed their assessments.

FAQ Didn’t Answer Your Question?

Here are several ways to contact us: Call 1-800-724-1159, or Email Us.

Need Training?

AssessME.org offers staff training services based upon one or more 10-hour blocks. It is particularly important that your ministry appoints and trains a human-resource point-person to oversee the implementation of the AssessME.org programs with all of your ministry staff. These training hours may be pre-purchased from within your ministry’s administrative account. CLICK HERE TO LOGIN. On-site training is available at $750/day plus expenses.

Need Consulting Support?

Churches and para-church ministries will commonly contract AssessME.org to help them with inter-staff relational and functional issues, or to provide consultation services to help them create an integration plan for implementing AssessME.org within their greater ministry organization. Consultation services are available in pre-purchased blocks of ten (10) hours, at $100/hour. These consulting hours may be pre-purchased from within your ministry’s administrative account. CLICK HERE TO LOGIN. On-site consultation services are available at $750/day plus expenses.