Ministry Mobilization Assessments


Ministry Mobilization Assessments

Mobilization Assessments for Churches and Para-Church Ministries puts all your essential human-resource information…for every congregation member…right at your fingertips! Now you can mobilize the right person, with the right ministry temperament and gifts, for any ministry opportunity.’s Ministry Mobilization Assessments provide the power of “Integration”. Only offers all essential  assessments to mobilize your people into effective Kingdom service:

In addition to our assessments, our mobilization program also includes Skills Tracking, as well as a powerful Candidate Search Engine.

Our Skills Tracking Program is designed to capture from the grassroots all of the skills that are present among your congregation. There is no need for staff to preload desired skills.  The skills tracking program will grow naturally as your people interact with the software. In addition, your people can input a micro-resume’ regarding their expertise with each skill they enter.

Our Candidate Search Engine enables your leadership to find the right person for any ministry service opportunity. Simply create an ideal profile for a specific service role, and select “Search”. All the candidates that match your desired profile will display. This tool streamlines your ministry mobilization process by enabling you to proactively and relationally approach the specific people, whom God has designed and gifted to serve in the roles for which you are seeking support staff, and explore with them whether they believe God is calling them to serve.

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Our Candidate Search Engine

Our Skills Tracking Program