How to Find the Best Volunteers!

THE CANDIDATE SEARCH ENGINE: The human resource power available to your church through really becomes evident once your leadership begins using our Candidate Search Engine to find their ideal staff and volunteers for any ministry service role.

Let’s consider a scenario where your church has a crucial ministry position opening, and you have an idea of the qualities that the perfect candidate would likely possess, but you do not have a particular person in mind. This is where the Candidate Search Engine becomes so helpful. Simply select ANY combination of ideal personality, leadership style, giftedness, and skills required, and the people in your database that most closely match the defined profile will display. Click a candidate’s name to view their entire assessment profile report. Now, your staff has a shortlist of candidates that they can proactively and relationally approach regarding each person’s potential ministry fit and consider together if the Holy Spirit is indeed calling one of the candidates to serve in the open position.

The Search Engine Interface

Please notice the numbers immediately to the right of each profile attribute. These numbers signify the number of people in your database who possesses the selected attribute. If a listed attribute does not yet have people assessed for this category, its letters will be greyed-out. Once your staff members have selected the desired attributes, simply select “Search” and your matching short-list will display. Select a name to view their entire assessment profile reports. Select an email address to email the candidate a message, or simply give them a call.



Just imagine how the Candidate Search Engine can revolutionize your church’s search for staff and volunteers. We recommend that every pastor, staff member, and key lay leader be promoted to Administrative access to your ministry account, and then be trained to make use of the Candidate Search Engine. Taking these steps would eliminate all mobilization bottlenecks within your church. And in so doing, would create a church culture that highly values mobilizing the right people, with the right personality, leadership style, giftedness, and skills (…and spiritual maturity if NextSteps is activated), into right Kingdom service position.