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Personality Assessment by AssessME.org

Our Personality Assessment

We built our Personality assessment on the proven four quadrant, 16-temperament type construct. Like other major personality assessment providers, our assessment generates 16 temperament-types. However, unlike the others, we designed our assessment for Christians. Specifically, the ePersonality assessment identifies how God designed people to serve Him and others. And, to that focus, the assessment is highly accurate. It just makes sense: God knows the “good works” that He prepared in advance for us (Eph. 2:10), so he equipped us with everything good for doing His will (Heb. 13:20,21). “Everything Good” certainly includes our personalities. This is why People receive their greatest satisfaction and are most effective when they serve in a manner that respects their God-given personality. So, when leaders mobilize church volunteers into ministry service, they must understand how God designed them to serve.

In addition, effective Church leaders consider personality when evaluating an individual’s spiritual gifts. However, many church leaders do not follow this crucial practice. For example, two people may assess with the spiritual gift of “Teacher”. The first person is highly task-driven, so he prefers to use his teaching gift in a classroom. The second person is highly relational, so she prefers to use her teaching gift within a small group. God’s ministry calling for his people, involves this inter-relationship between the personalities he designs us with, and the spiritual gifts he gives us. So, if church leaders fail to consider personality, they will likely misapply how the spiritual gifts of their people should be used.

Each Personality Assessment report contains:

  • A descriptive ministry-relevant title
  • Ministry service highlights
  • A summary profile description
  • How the profile contributes to ministry service
  • How church leaders may best support the profile

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