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Our Personality Assessment is a 4-quadrant assessment tool, built upon the Myers-Briggs construct, which divides the spectrum of Christ Followers into 16 temerament types. However, unlike the Meyer-Briggs, our personality assessment is designed to be used exclusively by Christians. The objective of of our Personality assessment is to identify how God designed your people for ministry service; the assessment reports clearly reflect this purpose. Each one of your people’s personalities represent a unique ministry style which is ordained by God. God knows the “good works” that He prepared in advance for your people (Ephesians 2:10), and so he equipped them with everything good for doing His will (Hebrews 13:20,21)…this includes your people’s personalities.

Each Personality Assessment report will contain a descriptive title that is relevant to ministry, ministry service highlights, a summary description of your Ministry Temperament profile…i.e., who God made you to be, and what you can contribute to the local church ministry, as well as an explanation of how church leadership may help ensure your ministry success. A Personality Assessment for Christians.

Learn more about how to use our personality assessment data within your church, please order the book: Made for a Mission, by CLC Publications.

Sample Personality Report: The Planner Profile



•   Excels at strategic planning
•   Sees all the steps necessary to accomplish any project
•   Is proficient at managing projects through all stages of development
•   Prefers science, technology and organizational philosophy
•   Has very demanding expectations
•   Is stimulated by vision, and will pursue a vision relentlessly to its conclusion
•   Are strong strategic leaders and consultants

Who God Made You To Be

The Planner excels at strategic planning regardless of the size of a project. They have a God-given ability to visualize all the steps that need to be accomplished in order to successfully conclude a venture. Planners apply logical and technical systems. They can quickly size up and organize an abstract idea and devise a solid system that will provide positive results. Because of this ability, they often serve as corporate executives, business owners and technology designers.

The Planner is virtually tireless in his or her obsession to create innovative and original solutions to problems. Originality is a very important attribute of their personality. Planners are at their best when presented with a challenge that currently has no known solution. They are very adept at observing such opportunities for innovation and leading the team to create the product, service or organization that will address the observed need.

While Planners develop systems and solutions that must have a practical application, their mind spins in the world of operational philosophy. Better than any other personality, Planners excel at taking an abstract idea and developing a practical solution. Although the Planner does invent, he or she is not satisfied until the invention has been properly designed, developed, completed, and generally accepted. It is the ability to lead throughout the stages of any large and innovative project that makes the Planner so unique.

The Planner is typically an intellectual, often with almost genius capabilities. The Planner is well versed on many topics; but leans toward science, technology and organizational philosophy.

The Planner will be relentless in his or her pursuit of a vision. They are often found working many hours, even to the point of neglecting food and sleep. In fact, Planners may often have difficulty sleeping because their mind is constantly in motion. They cannot help but analyze the information of the day, envision possibilities for the future, and construct innovative systems.

Planners tend to work alone much of the time but value having a highly skilled team to lead. The Planner must have a high regard for the professionalism and skill of each team member. Because of the demanding nature and high standards held by the Planner, people around him or her may have feelings of inadequacy. The Planner will build team commitment by selling the virtue of the system, product or organization to the team members.

What You Can Contribute To The Ministry

Planners will be very helpful in guiding ministry leaders through strategic planning, designing new ministry structures, and leading church planting and satellite ministry development ventures. Planners also make excellent teachers, consultants, leadership equippers, and software developers.

How Leadership Can Support You

Ministries may have difficulty identifying Planners. This may be because Planners are the rarest of all personality types. Many ministries seek to apply proven models and have not developed an attitude of valuing ministry innovation. By their very nature, Planners do not fit well in the establishment .

When Planners are empowered for a task, they may envision and speak about the future of the project as though it is already a reality. To them it is! Leadership, in such cases, will need to work hard to catch up to the Planner. If leadership does not make this effort, they will either default to “followership” or reject the work of the Planner (and thereby the Planner him/herself) as too complex.