Spiritual Gifts Test

GraceGifts Spiritual Gifts Test

The Finest Spiritual Gifts Test Available

We believe our GraceGifts spiritual gifts test is the finest available to your church. Why are we so confident? Because our program provides checks-and-balances across different assessments. Specifically, there is a strong relationship between a person’s personality and how they use their gifts. We call these personality-filtered gifts, Gift Expressions. For each Practical Gift reported, a user can identify how they best use or apply that gift. So how does our spiritual gifts test work? Well, let’s say two people both assess with the Gift of Teaching. Our first teacher is highly relational.  Because he values people, he prefers to teach within a small-group or one-on-one relationship. Our second teacher is very task-driven. Since she values the lesson content, she prefers to teach in a classroom or large-group lecture. If we place our teachers within the wrong ministry context, ignoring their Gift Expressions, they will struggle to teach effectively.

For best results, we recommend that people take the Personality assessment and Leadership Style assessment prior to the GraceGifts spiritual gifts test. When the assessments are taken in this order, they provide greater insight into the user’s personality. This generally results in better Gift Expression accuracy.

Candidate Search

If Gift Expressions are so important, then how can your church staff identify people with the right Gift Expressions? They can use our Candidate Search Engine to search your church’s database.  The GraceGifts section filters candidates by spiritual gifts (“Teacher”) and related Gift Expressions (“Small Group Leader” or “Classroom Instructor”).

NOTE: By default, AssessME.org tracks only the “Practical” gifts within its GraceGifts spiritual gifts test. The Practical Gifts are personality-dependent and will generate Gift Expressions. Your church may activate the Self-Evident Gifts (e.g., tongues, etc.) at no additional cost. Self-Evident Gifts are not personality dependent.

Serving from Our Strengths

Helping people use their spiritual gifts effectively in ministry service takes consideration and discernment.  Please consider the following principles s you begin this journey:

  1. First, we believe that people should only serve from their strengths. Just because a church member could do something does not mean that they should do it. AssessME.org helps people focus on their strengths by limiting report results.  For example. the GraceGifts report only includes the top six gifts and our Candidate Search Engine only tracks the top three gifts.
  2. Second, we believe that quality is far more important than the quantity of gifts a person may or may not have. People who serve using weaker spiritual gifts will always experience higher levels of stress, lower levels of satisfaction, and limited effectiveness.

We Acknowledge the Spiritual Gifts Debate

Well meaning theolgoians do not all agree on the topic of spiritual gifts. For example, they disagree on the number of available gifts, their definitions and application. AssessME.org respects this theological debate and it is not our intent to take sides. We designed AssessME.org to support volunteer mobilization. Our program is not intended to serve as a platform for biblical instruction. We believe it is the responsibility of the local church pastor to interpret and apply their people’s spiritual gifts as they believe the Holy Spirit intends. We simply wish to provide your church leaders with human resource information necessary for building effective teams and mobilizing volunteers.

Register today for our Spiritual Gifts Test.  The GraceGifts spiritual gifts assessment filters ministry gifts through personality dynamics called gift expressions.

Our Spiritual Gifts List:

Administration  |  Creativity  |  Discernment  |  Disciple Maker  |  Encouragement  |  Evangelism  |  Exhortation  |  Exorcism  |  Faith

Giving  |  Healing  |  Helps and Service  |  Interpretation of Tongues  |  Leadership  |  Musical Worship  |  New Ministry Development

Pastor  |  Prayer  |  Prophecy  |  Stewardship  |  Teacher  |  Tongues  |  Wisdom  |  Word of Knowledge