Posts Launches A New Program for Spiritual Formation

The New NextSteps Spiritual Formation Assessment Program

We have exciting news! In the 3rd quarter of 2016, plans to release a new optional assessment program for Spiritual Formation. It will be called: NextSteps by David A Posthuma has been working on various beta-versions of assessments with churches for the past twelve years. The result is NextSteps. The program will enable your leadership to regularly assess, track, and even equip your people for spiritual maturity. Oh, did I tell you? Your leaders will even be able to edit the question pools and reports so that your version of the assessment will appropriately reflect your ministry’s discipleship culture!

More than an Assessment

However, NextSteps is not simply an assessment tool. NextSteps will be a cultural game-changer for your church. It will allow you to track the spiritual development of every person in the church. NextSteps will generate formation-phase specific reports so you know what discipleship stage for each person in your church. Beyond formation-phase, NextSteps will also assess each person’s “Felt-Need”. A felt-need is an emotional dynamic that affects s person’s spiritual development, either positively or negatively. So for example, an individual who is undergoing a divorce may assess as a “Wounded Warrior”, which describes distinct emotional and spiritual needs that if not addressed, will likely impede spiritual development. NextSteps will also generate global reports to enable your leadership to track formation-phase graduations, as people graduate from one discipleship phase to the next, and report areas of discipleship-making weaknesses inherent in your church’s ministry programming.

It Includes An Equipping Center

The NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program also incorporates nine phases of spiritual formation built around three broad movements: DISCOVER, DEVELOP, DEPLOY. Within each one of these three broad formation phases, the assessment utilizes three sub-phases to enable people to grow within each broad phase. Each of the nine formation-phases will contain a “Strategy Page” where your church’s leadership can:

  1. Assign phase-appropriate books
  2. Assign phase-appropriate movies
  3. Assign phase-appropriate audio teachings
  4. Take sign-ups for phase-appropriate small groups
  5. Take sign-ups for phase-appropriate classes
  6. Take upssign- for phase-appropriate programs
  7. And more!

In this manner, NextSteps will help your church create the necessary support structures for spiritual formation at every phase of the discipleship process!

It Integrates With the Mobilization Data

If your church currently uses our long-proven assessments for mobilizing people into Kingdom service (ePersonality, Leadership Style, GraceGifts, and Skills Tracking), you will be pleased to know that your mobilization data will integrate fully with the NextSteps Spiritual Formation Program…now your leadership will know how a ministry candidate has matured in his/her faith-walk, and decide whether their formation-phase is appropriate to the available service opportunity.


Our current Ministry Mobilizations Assessments come standard as “Assessment Packs”. An online Assessment Pack contains all the assessments designed to support ministry mobilization, plus skills tracking. Churches purchase Assessment Packs for the quantity of people they wish to assess. Also, our mobilization assessments are designed to be taken once (although any user account can be reset so the user can retake the assessments), because they are based upon personality dynamics that do not change. If someone wishes to retake the assessments, it costs the church an additional Assessment Pack from their Pack Bank Account.

NextSteps is different. Unlike personality dynamics that are rather static and do not change, Spiritual Formation (Disciple-making), is an extremely fluid and dynamic process. As a result, the NextSteps is designed to be taken repeatedly, once every six, twelve (the default), or eighteen months. As a result, the NextSteps program will require your church to register a monthly subscription. However, the benefits our mobilization assessments, plus the new spiritual formation program offers your church, are truly priceless. As always, we are confident that your church’s investment into will easily pay for itself as your church members mature in Christ, and begin serving Christ effectively, they will become more and more faithful givers in support of Kingdom ministry..