Church Volunteer Mobilization Assessments

Mobilize Your Church Volunteers As Never Before

We designed our Volunteer Mobilization Assessments to help churches launch volunteers into effective ministry service. We believe God’s design (i.e. personality) and God’s gifts (i.e. spiritual gifts) are key data-points necessary for effective Volunteer Mobilization. In addition, our Leadership Style Assessment provides helpful team building information. This assessment identifies how people work together as members of Christ’s Body.

Professional church leaders skilled in the art of Volunteer Mobilization use all our assessment data to build effective, long-lasting ministry teams (See Our References). In addition, during our years of experience helping churches mobilize volunteers, we have seen that when churches consistently use, their volunteers:

  • Serve dynamically
  • Mature in their faith
  • Expand their church’s ministry impact
  • Begin to tithe
  • Discover how they fit within your church

Our Volunteer Mobilization Assessments makes Volunteer Mobilization easy. How? We provide the information your church leaders need to mobilize the right volunteer, with the right personality, leadership style, spiritual gifts, and skills into any ministry opportunity. Additionally, our Volunteer Mobilization Assessments provide the clarity that is only possible when using several assessment tools together.  Each assessment adds unique insights into how people are called to serve. To this end, the assessments serve as checks-and-balances to one another to ensure report accuracy and consistency.

Key Objective…

Our Assessment Objective: All three assessments, plus self-reported skills, convey a consistent picture of how your people are called to serve Jesus Christ.

How packages our assessments…

What is an Assessment Pack?

Our Assessment Packs consists of the following:

We package our assessments together in electronic “Packs” because we believe each assessment, plus skills tracking, is essential for effective Volunteer Mobilization. Begin by taking our program for a test drive. You will then receive five Assessment Packs. So you, and four other decision-makers, can evaluate the entire program. Then, when you are ready to move forward, simply log into your Administrative Account and pre-purchase Assessment Packs for the number of people you wish to assess. Next, when your people sign up to take assessments, our software automatically assigns them an Assessment Pack. Eventually, when your church’s bank account of Assessment Packs gets low, the system will email your administrators to let them know it is time to purchase additional Assessment Packs.

Our Volunteer Mobilization program includes more than just Assessment Packs. It also includes Skills Tracking, a powerful Candidate Search Engine and Data Integration options to load data into your church’s ChMS. Please consider the following helpful information…

Support Feature: Organic Skills Tracking

GOD PROVIDES: We believe God gives us everything we need to do His will…this includes our skills. Many Christians do not know that the Bible credits God for developing skills within us (e.g., Exodus 31:3). As a result, skills have been sometimes understood by theologians as Old Testament gifts. Consequently, this is why we believe it is important to discover ALL the skills God has developed within your church.

ORGANIC TRACKING: Our Skills Tracking program allows your church’s list of skills to grow organically. We intentionally do not provide a predefined list of skills to get started with. Nor, is the program designed to permit church staff to pre-populate desired skills. Our reason for building this program with these “limitations”, is that our experience has taught us that when a church permits their skills list to grow organically, it will receive a greater quantity and quality of skill responses.

COMMENTS: Our Skills Tracking program enables users to enter comments related to their Skills. This data might include degrees, certifications, years of experience, etc. Your leadership will be able to review both the skill category and the associated comments entered by each candidate.

Sample Candidate Profile Report

Our “Candidate Profile” reports convey assessment summaries for our spiritual gifts, personality, and leadership style assessment, plus a candidate’s skills and skill-related information. If your church activates our NextSteps Discipleship program, this report information is also included within the Candidate Profile. To make the reports user-firendly, the Candidate Profile report is initially compacted, displaying only the assessment titles. However, selecting the (+) sign in front of each assessment title opens and reveals each report graph and complete report summary information. Select the button to the right to view a sample with all categories expanded.