Volunteer Mobilization Assessments for Churches

Invest Into Your People

AssessME.org is not a cost to your church, it is an investment into Kingdom ministry services that will pay for itself in many ways. People who are properly mobilized into Kingdom ministry service mature in their faith, help expand your church’s ministry impact, and typically tithe regularly.

VOLUNTEER MOBILIZATION ASSESSMENTS: AssessME.org makes your volunteer and staff human-resource information easily available, right at your fingertips! Now you can mobilize the right person, with the right ministry temperament, leadership style, gifts, and skills for any ministry opportunity. AssessME.org’s Volunteer Mobilization Assessments provide the power of “Integration“. The assessments serve to provide a check-and-balance with one another to help assure report accuracy and overall report consistency.

ASSESSMENT PACK INFO: AssessME.org offers our ePersonality, Leadership Style, and GraceGifts assessments, as well as skills-tracking, combined into one electronic “Assessment Pack”. We believe each of these assessments, plus skills tracking, are ALL essential to effective mobilization of your people into ministry service. Your church pre-purchases quantities of assessment packs for the number of people your leadership wishes to assess. Our software automatically assigns an assessment pack to each person who registers with your church’s AssessME.org account.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: In addition to our assessments, our mobilization program also includes Skills Tracking, a powerful Candidate Search Engine and Data Integration options to get your AssessME.org data into your church’s ChMS. Please consider the following helpful information and screenshots….

  • ChMS Integration: The AssessME.org Mobilization Assessments offer an option automatic data-sync with the Church Community Builder ChMS.
  • References: To read reference letters from some of our long-time client ministries, CLICK HERE.

Sample Candidate Profile Report

As each assessment is completed, the reports are listed in a “Candidate Profile” report. This report is initially compacted to only show assessment titles. But when the (+) sign in front of each title is selected, the selected report opens  and reveals report graphs and report summary. Select the button to view a completed report with all categories opened.

The Mobilization Candidate Search

The Candidate Search shows how many people in your database are associated with each profile title, signified by a number following the title. You can select any combination of personality, leadership style, giftedness, and skills to create and ideal profile for ANY position. Select “Search”, and your short-list of matching candidates display. Click on their name to reveal their Candidate Profile. The Candidate Search feature enables pastors, staff, and key lay leaders (if promoted to Administrator status) to quickly find the best people for any position.

AssessME.org Candidate Search Engine

The Mobilization Candidate Search With NextSteps Activated

If the optional NextSteps Discipleship Program is activated, two additional search fields will display with the Candidate Search interface…One for “Felt Needs”, and a second field for our “Nine Phases of Spiritual Development”. Now you have confidence that your ministry candidates not only fit a ministry role, but that he/she is also sufficiently spiritually mature to assume the responsibilities of Kingdom service.

Candidate Search Engine by AssessME.org

Organic Skills Tracking

GOD PROVIDES: We believe God gives us everything we need to do His will…this includes our skills which God takes credit for developing within us (e.g., Exodus 31:3). So we believe it is important to discover ALL the skills God has developed within your church.

ORGANIC TRACKING: Our Skills Tracking program allows your list of skills to grow organically. There are no predefined lists to start with. Nor is the program designed to permit church staff to pre-populate desired skills. Our reason for building this program with these “limitations” is that our experience has taught us that if a church permits the skills list to grow organically, church leaders will actually receive a greater quantity of skill responses.

COMMENTS: The Skills Tracking also enables users to create comments related to their Skills. This data might include degrees, certifications, years of experience, etc. Your leadership will be able to review both the skill title and the associated comments of each candidate.

Screenshot of Add Skills Tracking Interface