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NextSteps Discipleship Assessment & Tracking Software by AssessME.org

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Quality Church Assessments

A Spiritual Gifts Test and So Much More!

We invite church leaders to learn about the finest online church assessment platform available, AssessME.org. Our program includes a high quality spiritual gifts test, which filters the gift reports by personality, and so much more! Your church members will take all assessments online at their convenience. Then they will receive reports that help them understand how they may mature in their faith, and how God has wired them for ministry.

We offer two separate online church assessment programs that church leaders may use independently or together. Each program contains integrated assessments that provide the crucial information you need to know about each church member.  Accordingly, assessment results are stored within a secure database that your church leadership may easily access at anytime or anywhere. Additionally, our report information can integrate into your present church management software. Ultimately, our crucial information will enable your staff to help church members grow spiritually and serve effectively.

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Our Volunteer Mobilization Program contains several assessments designed to help church leaders identify the best ministry candidates for any staff or volunteer position. Additionally, this report data helps church leaders build effective ministry teams. Our professional Volunteer Mobilization assessments include:

  1. Spiritual Gifts Test
  2. Personality Assessment
  3. Leadership Style
  4. Skills Tracking
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Our NextSteps Discipleship Assessment Program includes two assessments. One measures spiritual maturity and the other identifies felt-needs that may impact spiritual growth. Once church members finish their assessments, the program generates their reports and then directs them to your Disciple Equipping Center. Your church leaders define the programs and resources presented within your Disciple Equipping Center. We offer this flexibility so that NextSteps may better support your church’s unique discipleship process and culture. In fact, your staff may customize every aspect of the NextSteps Assessment Program, including the titles, question pools, and reports, so that your version of NextSteps is unique to your church! Our NextSteps Discipleship Program includes the following assessments and features:

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Volunteer Mobilization Assessments

Volunteer Mobilization Assessments: Church Leaders, Get Your Church Members Serving As Never Before by Using Our Spiritual Gifts Test, Personality & Leadership Style Assessments, Plus Skills Tracking.

NextSteps Discipleship Program

NextSteps Discipleship Program: Our NextSteps Program Helps Your Ministry Make Disciples of Every Willing Church Member through the us of our Customizable Assessments, Reporting & Equipping Features.

Individual Assessments, $14.99 each

Individual Assessments: Complete Our Personality, Leadership Style, & Spiritual Gifts Tests for your own Enjoyment. Then, View/Print Your Personalized & Private Reports, Confident that Your Information Will Not Be Shared with Any Church.

Take Our $25.00 Test Drive for Your Church

Test Drive: Learn How your Church can Get Five (5) Assessment Packs & a 30-day Trial of Our Game-Changing NextSteps Discipleship Program, so that Five Decision-Makers May Experience For themselves How Good AssessME.org Really Is!