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Online Church Assessments

Our Online Church Assessments Include Spiritual Gifts Test, Personality Test, Leadership Style Test, Skills Tracking, & Discipleship-Making!

MISSION: To Provide Online Church Assessments that Help Make Disciples of Jesus Christ & Mobilize Them Into Ministry Service!

Our Online Church Assessments are Among the finest Available. They include a high-quality spiritual gifts test, which filters the gift reports by personality attributes. Plus, additional assessments for personality, leadership style, spiritual maturity, and skills tracking! So, your church members take the assessments online at their convenience. Then, they receive both printable and archived reports. Most importantly, your church leadership will have complete access to all this vital human resource information!

We Offer Two Different Online Church Assessment Programs…

  • PROGRAM 1: Helps People Serve Effectively [ Learn More ]
  • PROGRAM 2: Helps People Grow Spiritually [ Learn More ]

Church leaders may use our programs independently or together as an integrated human resource solution. Therefore, each program contains assessments that provide the crucial human resource information you need to know about each church member.  Then, all assessment results are stored within a secure database that your church leadership may easily access at any time from anywhere. Finally, your human resource data will likely integrate into your church management software (ChRM).

Multi-Language Support. Today, Churches in 36 countries now use’s online church assessments. Many non-English speaking churches simply use Google Chrome with its built-in translator to provide an adequate translation of our question pools and reports.


The Volunteer Mobilization Program uses online church assessments to help church leaders easily and quickly assess every church attendee. Our assessments are designed to help church leaders identify the best ministry candidates for any staff or volunteer position. In Addition, our data also helps staff build effective ministry teams. Our Volunteer Mobilization assessments include:

  1. Spiritual Gifts Test, [Learn More]
  2. Personality Assessment, [Learn More]
  3. Leadership Style, [Learn More]
  4. Skills Tracking, [Learn More]
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Our NextSteps Discipleship Assessment Program includes two integrated online church assessments plus a disciple-making/equipping platform! One assessment measures spiritual maturity. The other assessment identifies positive and negative felt-needs. Depending upon the type of Felt-need, it may either hinder spiritual growth or propel it. Once church members finish these assessments, the program then generates their reports and automatically directs them to your custom Disciple Equipping Center. Your church leaders define the programs and resources presented within your Disciple Equipping Center. We offer this flexibility so that NextSteps may better support your church’s unique discipleship process and culture. In fact, your staff may customize every aspect of the NextSteps Assessment Program, including labels, question pools, and reports, so that your version of NextSteps reflects your unique discipleship culture! This online church assessment program includes the following:

Additional Online Church Assessment Information…

Volunteer Mobilization Assessments

Volunteer Mobilization Assessments:

Church Leaders, Get Your Church Members Serving As Never Before by Using Our Spiritual Gifts Test, Personality & Leadership Style Assessments, Plus Skills Tracking.

NextSteps Discipleship Program

NextSteps Discipleship Program:

Our NextSteps Program Helps Your Ministry Make Disciples of Every Willing Church Member through the use of our Customizable Assessments, Reporting & Equipping Features.

Individual Assessments, $14.99 each

Individual Assessments:

Complete Our Personality, Leadership Style, & Spiritual Gifts Tests for your own Enjoyment. Then, View/Print Your Personalized & Private Reports. Your Information Will Not Be Shared with Any Church.

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Test Drive:

Learn How your Church can Get Five (5) Assessment Packs & a 30-day Trial of Our Game-Changing NextSteps Discipleship Program, so that Five Decision-Makers May Experience For themselves How Good Really Is!

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An Investment that Pays for Itself Financially

Pew-warmers don’t tend to give much to their local church. Whereas, people who are invested in personal ministry…particularly ministry service that fits their design and calling…are more likely to give sacrificially. Financial gain is never our motivation for mobilizing people into effective ministry service. But, if can help you convert one non-giver into a consistent giver, your budget is covered!

Community Bible Church
Ruth Ott (Top-40 Largest Churches)

“We have partnered with since 2010. has been very useful to help our people better understand how they have been uniquely designed by God.

Based upon data, we have developed a total church volunteer book, as well as a website where people may select from over 80 different volunteer positions. We also have linked our data with Fellowship One™ and are able to give each member who completes the assessments a list of the top five ministries that would best fit their personality and spiritual gifts.

To date, we have assessed more than 10,000 people for ministry fit. By using the selection process we have been able to consistently identify leaders to teach classes each semester. If you are looking for a process to equip your members in one easy format, I would recommend”

Ruth Ott
Connections Pastor – Community Bible Church
Life Pointe Church
Robb Perry, Executive Pastor

My name is Rob Perry pastor at Lifepointe Church in Raleigh NC.   I understand that you are exploring the services of and the CCB integration.  We started using way back in 2011 or 2012 with an initial purchase of 500 assessments.   Earlier this year, we bought another 500 packs and activated that CCB integration.  The integration is wonderful because it did away with us having to manually check AssessMe for results and update CCB profiles.  Now, when a person takes the assessment, the results automatically show up in their profile (i.e. CCB).  The integration nominal fee was totally worth it.

How do we use the assessments?  We use the results to help equip and develop people who call Lifepointe their church home.    Let me share a few and if you need clarification or want to talk more, feel free to email or call.

  1. As part of a class or teaching series, we have offered assessments to people who wanted to take the next step.  After a person takes the assessment, a leader (volunteer or paid) sits down to review the results and connect the person with opportunities within the church.
  2. The lead pastor has used the tool to pull together people who like to dream and think strategically.  We searched CCB for people who … have attended within the last X timeframe and have a pioneering or strategic leadership style.
  3. Staff leaders and team members have used the results from the ePersonality assessment to understand how their team member is wired and what they can do to maximize that relationship.   This helps carry the church’s mission forward more smoothly.
  4. We use the tool to invite people into special outreach opportunities. As they step into serving, they begin to experience the power of the local church and how you can connect others to Jesus through opportunities that they feel fit them best.  For example, we had a firehouse ask if we could bring our Ice Cream truck to their Open House.  We thought it was a great opportunity and got it ‘covered’.  Well, the team that covered that event said it was very very difficult.  There were lots of people who came to that Fire House event that lost a loved one and coming to this event was therapeutic.  They people covering it were so overwhelmed as they tried to talk to people and hand out ice cream.  The next year, we did the event again.  However, we queried CCB for anyone who is attending who has the  Spiritual Gift of Encouragement (or Pastoral / Encouragement Leadership style).   When the team came back from that event, they said things like … “that was a powerful event”  “I am so glad we were there as a church”  “so many people come who are hurting”  “count me in next time”…    the assessment results made that happen along with the CCB integration.
  5. As we work with our ministry leads, we will only get more and more intentional, and specialized, in leveraging and CCB.   You can’t beat the price of the assessments.  We will also take a look at the NextSteps product as a potential tool to help church members self-feed as part of their spiritual growth.

If I can clarify anything here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I know it is a core dump of a lot of misc examples.  Bottom line, we like the partnership and have continued to keep it up!

Rob Perry
Executive Pastor
Crossroads Church
Michele Gerbrandt, GoServe Director

We are a multisite church who has used CCB now for almost 9 years. We also use for our congregation to explore their spiritual gifts and as a part of our discipleship process.

I was so excited when the integration happened, before that I would have to hand enter the results into CCB. This had become overwhelming and not possible to keep up. So, for the one-time $99 fee, I was thrilled to solve that problem. In CCB when we have specific serving positions open, it is great to do a search in CCB on particular gifts and reach out to people. It has really helped with our prayer team and often prayers are not people who speak out. By having people’s spiritual gifts as part of our database is has enriched the data.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Michele Gerbrandt
goServe and Communications Director 
Mid-Cities Community Church
Pastor Mickey Eckles

I’m writing briefly to tell you about our experience with and CCB. We used to do spiritual gifts testing on paper, and as you well know, that’s hard to keep up with. We love that the tool allows for use of the charismatic gifts, automatic integration into our database is key. The fact that we also get a leadership assessment, personality profile, and ministry interests on individuals is icing on the cake. It allows us to run reports on all of these profile results and has helped us with recruiting for needs and areas of ministry coverage.

We also use the tool in a big way with leadership development. It has helped us learn more about potential hires, how someone is wired that we are trying to understand better etc. We have a form on CCB that allows people to purchase and complete the profile. Many of our groups use this as part of their small group experience. We are about to start taking all new members through the tool as well. We take about 30-40 people a month through a newcomers process (we call it Connect 4) and is about to be part of that experience for all new people placing membership at Mid-Cities. People love seeing how God has wired them. It also helps us more effectively connect them to serving as well. By the way, David’s book, Made for a Mission, is an excellent read for leaders and in a class setting.

Anyone can go online and register to take the profiles. It’s so great to get automatic integration into our database. We currently have 344 people that have taken the profile, which is about 23% of our regular adult attendance.

Mickey Eckles
Adult Ministries Pastor 
Fair Haven Ministries
Pastor Tom Elenbaas
Fair Haven Ministries Pastor Tom Elenbaas Fair Haven Ministries Pastor Tom Elenbaas To Our Partners in Ministry: At Fair Haven Ministries, we have been using for a year now, and it’s been wonderful. As we build an equipping ministry, knowing the combination of Leadership Style, Giftedness, Personality, and Skills is highly valuable. It’s so easy for ministry leaders to search in for people whom God has already uniquely designed to fit the areas in which our ministry needs them. How true it is that God provides the people where he leads in ministry – and helps to make the connection. The staff has also been very helpful to us in working with our church management software…. Many of our people…who have taken the assessments have been encouraged, and valued them greatly. One couple found confirmation for a call to move their whole family to Texas for a new church plant. Small Groups have used the assessments to grow deeper in discipleship and service. Ministry Leaders are helping their volunteers to better understand themselves and to help them get involved in areas which are better suited to the way God has uniquely designed them. Fair Haven Ministries even used the assessments with our youth in an intensive discipleship ministry. Our ministry now uses as a required part of our discipleship process for new members and new leaders. We have also done a whole church series of sermons that revolved around the uniqueness of each member of the body that God uses to change the world, and we used as a key piece of that series. If you haven’t used it, and particularly if you’re still doing data entry or fiddling with endless paper and binders, I suggest trying it out. Fair Haven Ministries Pastor
Tom Elenbaas
Fair Haven Ministries
Susan Ketcham 
Denominational Client: RCA Church Multiplication Division


In my position, a major responsibility is to provide dependable assessments for potential church planters for the Reformed Church in America. This assessment tool has become a standard part of our assessment process for two years now. I have found it to be very effective as it helps to paint a picture of the individual and how God has already been at work in their lives, equipping them for the work He has for them to do. I recommend it all the time! Thanks for your fine work. What a blessing to the church!

Susan Ketcham
RCA Church Multiplication
Leonard Sweet
Para-Church Leader, Speaker, Author, & Seminary Professor


“Ever wonder what it was like to have been on the ground floor with Jeff Bezos of or Pierre Omidyar of Wonder no longer. Join Dave Posthuma of E-Church Essentials and hold on –- the future of the church is forming right before your eyes and under your feet.”


“I expect this book to stir controversy, but of the best sort: Eye-opening and mind-altering perspectives on what it might mean for the church to embrace the internet today as the primary delivery system for learning and faith development as our Protestant ancestors adopted the book as their primary delivery system in the Reformation Church.”

Leonard Sweet, best-selling author and professor (Drew University, George Fox University), and chief contributor to

Leonard Sweet
Church Futurist, Author, Teacher & Speaker
Dan Webster
Para-Church Leader, Speaker, Author, Willow Creek Pastor, Crystal Cathedral Pastor


“Dave Posthuma and E-Church Essentials share my passion to train and inspire leaders to live authentic lives of great impact. Rarely do you meet someone as passionate about the church with the technological genius of David A. Posthuma. I love how he is helping churches by leading them into the technological future. Pay attention to what he is doing and access his outrageous resource. It will help you as you both grow and organize your church.”


“The church has been choking for decades on the naive assumption that the world hasn’t changed. eShift provides the necessary Heimlich Maneuver to clear her throat so that the fresh air of life and relevance can return. If you are over 40 this writing will be a wake-up call. If you are under 25 you will shout Hallelujah that someone has finally stated things as they truly are. Either way, eShift is a gift to the church. Let’s hope it’s one that is opened and applied, not ignored.”

Dan Webster
Authentic Leadership, Willow Creek, Crystal Cathedral
Connections Pastor


We’ve been using for approximately 16 months now and have found that the assessments have helped us with our discipleship model, as well as, serving opportunities within the church. We use the assessments on the front end of our process, membership class, to help our body identify and understand not only their spiritual gifts but also, how the gifts can be used in various roles within and outside of the church. Since is directly connected CCB, we can easily search for a specific gift, leadership style or even personality profile to help fill open leadership roles within our discipleship model. 

The assessments are very easy to understand and transferable from a church setting to a business application, which creates additional value in the process.


Bud Darr

Connections Pastor

North Metro Church

678.290.7830x 122