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Essential Resource Tools

  • Book: Made for a Mission
    $13.60 each
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    Made for a Mission is written to help leaders and individuals better understand why God created them the way He did, and for what ministry purpose. It helps individuals define a life mission plan and teaches how they fit within the context of team-based ministry.

    David A Posthuma wrote Made for a Mission specifically to serve as the primary equipping resource for church pastors, staff, and lay leaders who use the church mobilization assessment program. Both and Made for a Mission exist to empower your church leadership to assess, equip, and mobilize into ministry service as many people as are willing.

    As of 2016, enters its 10th year of Kingdom service and now serves over 55,000 churches and church leaders in 36 countries!

    What Leaders Are Saying About Made for a Mission…. “What intrigued me most was how one could use the assessments you provide to help someone identify their life mission, form teams, and provide mentoring for ministry mobilization… I found your book intriguing and probably the most useful tool I’ve ever been exposed to.” Dennis Moore, Trinity Church, Lansing, MI

  • Small Group Study: Boot Camp, for Group Members
    $19.95 each



    Boot Camp, authored by David A Posthuma, is a small group curriculum written to help your church’s members discern how God may be calling and equipping them for Kingdom ministry service. This curriculum is designed to be used in conjunction with the online assessment program.

    By the conclusion of this six-week study, every participating group member will fully appreciate how and why God designed them as He did, how their design points them to the kind of ministry service God intends for them, and what kind of people they ought to surround themselves with in order to maximize their Kingdom impact.

  • Small Group Curriculum: Boot Camp Leader’s Guide



    Boot Camp, authored by David A Posthuma, is a small group curriculum written to help your church’s members discern how God may be calling and equipping them for Kingdom ministry service. This curriculum is designed to be used in conjunction with the online assessment program.

    The Boot Camp Leader’s Guide includes: 1) The complete Boot Camp text, Chapter by chapter reading references from Made for a Mission for deeper insight, 2) Suggested group discussion questions, 3) Suggested group chapter-specific team-building activities.

  • Book: eShift - The Rise of the Internet Influenced Church
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    Christ’s church should be in a state of constant reformation. However, change never comes easy. Yet, change is exactly what eShift: The Decline of “Attractional” Church and the Rise of the Internet-Influenced Church is all about. As you progress through this book, you will distinguish between the characteristics of the previous television-influenced culture and the present-emerging internet-influenced culture as it relates to the church and its ministry. The differences between these two cultural value-sets is quite profound. eShift will show you how this vast culture gap can and must be bridged as there is one thing that remains unchanged and undiminished: Christ’s mission in this world and the power of His Spirit.

    What Leaders Are Saying About eShift…. “The church has been choking for decades on the naive assumption that the world hasn’t changed. eShift provides the necessary Heimlich Maneuver to clear her throat so that the fresh air of life and relevance can return. If you are over 40 this writing will be a wake up call. If you are under 25 you will shout Hallelujah that someone has finally stated things as they truly are. Either way, eShift is a gift to the church. Let’s hope it’s one that is opened and applied, not ignored.” (Dan Webster – Authentic Leadership Inc., Willow Creek, Crystal Cathedral)

  • Download: Kick-Off Kit
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    The Pastor’s Kick-Off Kit is an instant download ZIP file which contains essential elements to help your pastoral leadership to launch church-wide.

    The kit includes: 1) A four-part sermon series, 2) complete PowerPoint presentations, 3) and an e-book of best-practices compiled from numerous successful church clients.

    Help make your church’s launch of a success with the information you need to kick-start your mobilization ministry effectively.

  • Pastor’s Editable Class Kit
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    Pastors Class Kit

    The Pastor’s Class Kit consists of a Leader’s Guide, a Student Manual, and a PowerPoint presentation. All three elements of the Pastor’s Class Kit are fully customizable so that you can brand and refine the kit for your unique ministry application.

    The Pastor’s Class Kit is ideal for new member’s classes, spiritual gift classes and Purpose –Driven 101 and 201 classes. The curriculum is based upon the book Made for a Mission, and utilizes the online assessment program. Topics include: 1) Introduction: God’s Role In Your Mission, Lesson 1: Knowing Your Personality (Ministry Temperament), Lesson 2: Addressing Mission Myopia, Lesson 3: Your Leadership Style, Lesson 4: Giftedness, Lesson 5: Skills & Passion, and Appendix: Spiritual Formation Assessment.

    Your Campus License permits you to make unlimited copies of the leader guide, student manual, and power point presentation for use exclusively on your ministry campus. Please refer to the Licensing Privileges and Limitations below for more information.

    Licensing Privileges & Limitations


    E-Church Essentials, LLC grants a site license to the purchasing organization of the Pastor’s Class Kit. This license permits the purchasing organization to edit and modify the Pastor’s Class Kit curriculum, both Word documents and PowerPoint files. The site license also permits the purchasing organization to make unlimited copies of Pastor Class Kit, modified or in original form, for use solely within the purchasing organization’s ministry campus, or within a secure e-learning platform operated and controlled by the purchasing organization.


    The purchasing organization is responsible and liable for all mis-use of the Pastor’s Class Kit, according to, but not limited to, the following prohibited uses: The organization may not post the curriculum within a non-secure website, nor may the organization offer the curriculum (modified or in its original form) as a downloadable asset from a website or blog; the organization may not re-sell any curriculum based in part or whole upon the intellectual property developed by David A. Posthuma of E-Church Essentials, LLC; the organization may not distribute the curriculum for use by other ministry organizations who are not directly controlled by the original purchasing organization, as well as organizational extension entities (i.e., satellite ministries, church plants, etc.) who do not function on the same campus as the original purchasing organization.


    E-Church Essentials, LLC, and its owner David A. Posthuma, retain full legal rights to all intellectual property presented in this Pastor’s Class Kit, whether used in part or in whole. All federal copyright laws, rights, and privileges apply.

  • Free Ministry Mobilization Cheat Sheets
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    The Cheat Sheets document is a quick reference guide to all of the reports associated with our Ministry Mobilization Assessment Program. This guide is helpful when defining profiles for the Candidate Search Engine, when looking for a certain type of ministry candidate. It is also helpful when conducting one-on-one mobilization consultation sessions with potential ministry candidates.