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Resources to Equip & Mobilize Church Members

OUR MISSION: To provide the local church with resources to help make disciples and then mobilize those disciples into ministry service. We believe that ministry service is essential for healthy spiritual growth. To this end, David A. Posthuma developed our assessments, plus authored the books and other equipping resources listed below.

WE BELIEVE: It is very important that your pastors and church staff be properly trained use our assessments. Our assessment and equipping tools will help your leadership equip differing kinds of people for ministry service, and them mobilize them into ministry teams. To accomplish this goal, your staff must learn how the parts of the body of Christ fit together and function. To this end, David A. Posthuma authored his book, Made for a Mission to serve as the primary training tool for your staff and lay leaders.  We recommend that every church leader, who oversees the service of others, study Made for a Mission. Select the “Books for Equipping” to learn more.

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