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About AssessME.org, its Mission and its People

AssessME.org’s mission statement includes:

  • To equip churches to make-disciples (see: NextSteps)
  • To help churches mobilize volunteers into effective ministry service (see: Volunteer Mobilization).

We provide the disciple-making systems and mobilization processes that are likely lacking within most churches. Our systems include five essentials assessments:

In addition, AssessME.org also offers support resources for your church designed to help every volunteer mature spiritually and serve effectively.

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Is your church on our map? Locate our thousands of U.S. client ministries. We also support client churches within 36 countries.

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Our specialization

  • Spiritual Gifts Test

    Spiritual Gifts Test by AssessME.org

    GraceGifts Spiritual Gifts Assessment

    Our spiritual gifts test is a classic spiritual gifts assessment tool. However, what makes our test superior, is that it filters the final gift results through personality distinctives.  We call, theses personality-filtered results, “Gift Expressions”.

  • Personality Assessment

    Personality Assessment by AssessME.org

    Personality Assessment Logo by AssessME.org

    Our personality test is designed exclusively for volunteer-mobilization. This assessment helps your people better understand why God made them as He did, and for what ministry purpose.

  • Leadership Style Assessment

    Leadership Style Assessment by AssessME.org

    Leadership Style Assessment Logo by AssessME.org

    The Leadership Style Assessment is designed to help church leaders position the right people, into the appropriate team-member position. This assessment also helps with succession-planning and leadership development strategies.

  • NextSteps Discipleship Assessment & Tracking Program

    NextSteps Discipleship Program by AssessME.org

    NextSteps Discipleship Tracking Logo on AssessME.org

    The NextSteps Discipleship Assessment and Tracking Program is more than an assessment. It enables ministry leadership to assess, track, and equip their people for spiritual maturity. This program is 100% editable…every question, title, and report…so that you can make the program better reflect your discipleship culture.

  • Book: eShift, The Rise of the Internet Influenced Church

    eShift by David A Posthuma

    eShift – Change never comes easy. Yet, change is exactly what eShift is about. As you read this book, you will learn the very real difference between the established television-influenced church culture, and the emerging internet-influenced culture. This cultural transition will have a profound impact upon the local church and how it does its ministry. eShift will show you how this culture gap may be bridged for there are two things that remains unchanged: Christ’s mission in this world and the power of His Spirit.

    The eShift Trailer…

Meet Our Key Leadership Team

Our dedicated ministry professionals are committed to helping your church disciple your people in Christ, and mobilize them to serve Christ.
David A Posthuma

David A Posthuma

President, Systems Designer, & Author

David A Posthuma is the author and designer of AssessME.org and its assessments. Additionally, David has authored the Pastoral Resource books entitled: "Made for a Mission" and "eShift". David has also written dozens of published ministry resource magazine articles. David excels at systems design, new ministry development, team building, and church consutlation.

He graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI with a B.A. in Education & Religion; Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL with an M.Div.; and earned Clinical Certifications from Mac Neal Hospital, Chicago.

David has planted two churches, revitalized a dying Chicago church and a declining church in Holland Michigan. David also launched a large-church College and Career ministry, and managed a church merger. He serves regularly as a church consultant.

Tamara Posthuma

Tamara Posthuma

Editor & Communications

Tamara is a graduate of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI with a degree in English Education & Communications. She also holds a Master’s degree in Communications from the University of South Florida. Tamara has served several Fortune 500 companies as a Business Curriculum Developer and Communications Management Professional.

Tamara supports AssessME.org as our primary Editor of our websites, our assessments, and the books and magazine articles. Additionally, Tamara also serves as our voice-over talent for all software video tours.

Skip Nagelvoort

Skip Nagelvoort

Business Management & Sales

Skip is a graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, and the University of Michigan. Additional educational experiences include: Investment Strategies and Theory at the Tuck School at Dartmouth University, and Far East Asian Business Studies from the Institute at Harvard University.

Skip’s work experience includes 30 years working in New York City for Faulkner, Dawkins and Sullivan as well as Goldman Sachs and Nagelvoort & Co. He later spent time in Athens, Georgia associated with the Center for International Trade and Security and other various business interests.

James Wiersma

James Wiersma

Lead Programmer

James has partnered with E-Church Essentials, LLC and AssessME.org since its founding in 2002. James is responsible for developing our software systems. He is a graduate of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. In addition to his formal education, James is Microsoft Certified, as well as certified in many additional programming languages.

James also serves Salem Media Group’s Web Division, as their Director of Development. He oversees a team of 25+ programmers who develop and manage sites such as Christianity.com, OnePlace.com, Crosswalk.com, BibleStudyTools.com, LightSource.com, and more.