Individual Assessments Program

Individual Assessments Program, Only $14.99

Our Assessments Help You Learn How God Designed You to Serve Him & Others

Have you ever wondered, “why did God design me as He did”? You are not an accident of nature. You are special. And God has a purpose for your life that only you are able to fulfill.  In fact, the Bible says that God prepared good works for you before He created the World! Before Earth existed, God already knew you in His mind. Our Individual Assessments Program helps people learn how awesome and wonderful they really are.

So, do you question why God designed you? Or, what God’s purpose may be for your life? The following assessments provide many of the answers to these questions. Our Individual Assessments Package includes the following assessments:

  • ePersonality A personality assessment the reveals how God designed you to serve Him and others.
  • Leadership Style – This assessment explores your style of influence, and reveals how you best fit on a team.
  • GraceGifts Spiritual Gifts A spiritual gifts test that filters the results through personality, and so provides more precise reports.

We packaged these online assessments together for one low price of $14.99. Select the button at the top or bottom of this page to get started now!


*We offer an Individual Assessments Program for people who do not belong to a church that currently uses We hope you introduce our valuable assessments to your church leadership. is an unmatched disciple-making and volunteer-mobilizing tool.