Privacy Policy.



Privacy Statement:

E-Church Essentials, LLC, and its subsidiary, are committed to securing our members’ private information. As a company, we will not re-distribute our members’ private information to any unauthorized third-party. However, we designed to facilitate a discipleship and ministry mobilization relationship between registered individuals and various registered ministries/organizations with

Service Agreement:

By registering your ministry organization with, your ministry agrees to serve the personal, spiritual, and ministerial needs of individuals who freely choose to associate themselves with your ministry. When individuals register with your ministry, they grant your ministry leadership permission to have limited access to their personal information for the exclusive purpose of receiving personal discipleship and ministry mobilization guidance. All Ministries associated with by E-Church Essentials, LLC agree to protect the privacy of their registered members, and to not distribute their personal information outside of the confines of your ministry. If a member believes that your organization has violated this privacy policy, your ministry organization must address those concerns with the registered individual(s) citing the concerns. Furthermore, your ministry agrees to hold E-Church Essentials, LLC,, and its representatives legally and civilly blameless.

Client Obligations:

By registering your church or parachurch organization with by E-Church Essentials, LLC you freely associate your ministry organization with and that your membership is a privilege. Furthermore, your ministry organization agrees with the following biblical positions, and in good faith will not espouse teachings contrary or inconsistent with these positions:

  • The Bible is God’s unique revelation to people. It is the inspired, infallible Word of God, and the supreme and final authority on all matters upon which it teaches. No other writings are vested with such divine authority.
  • There is Only One God, creator of heaven and earth, who exists eternally as three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each fully God yet each personally distinct from the other.
  • God Created All People in His Image and matter deeply to Him. Central to the message of the Bible is that God loves people and invites them to live in communion with Himself and in community with each other. People are spiritually lost apart from Jesus Christ. Because of their sin, they deserve the God’s judgment. However, God gives salvation and eternal life to anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ and in His sacrifice on his or her behalf as a covering for their sin.  Personal goodness or human effort do not save or gain God’s acceptance. One must receive the gift with humble repentance and faith in Christ and in faith of His finished work on the cross.
  • Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Trinity. Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless human life. He willingly took upon Himself all of our sins, died and rose again bodily. He now sits at the right hand of the Father as our advocate and mediator. Someday, He will return to consummate history and to fulfill the eternal plan of God.
  • The Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and draws people to Christ. He indwells all believers, transforming them to live like Christ. He distributes spiritual gifts so we may serve one another and the fallen world.
  • Death Seals the Eternal Destiny of Each Person. At the final judgment, God will separate unbelievers to eternal condemnation. God will receive believers into His loving presence and reward them for their faithfulness to Him in this life.
  • All Believers are Members of the Body of Christ, the one true church universal. Christians demonstrate spiritual unity by accepting and loving one another across ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, national, generational, gender, and denominational lines.
  • The Local Church is a Congregation of Believers: who gather for worship, prayer, instruction, encouragement, mutual accountability, and community. Together, members invest their time, gifts, and resources to reach lost people and help them mature into fully devoted followers of Christ.



This statement reflects a contemporary summary of the central doctrines in the Bible, and historic creeds of the Christian church.


Your Church Agrees:

Under the following conditions, our ministry understands that we will lose our right to participate in

  • If we consistently advocate theological or doctrinal positions contrary or inconsistent with the doctrinal statement above.
  • If we use vulgar language or promote sexually explicit and/or immoral acts. These actions will be judged by clear Biblical standards, not by societal norms.
  • If we threaten, harm, or harasses any member of the E-Church Essentials/ network.


We agree that if documented evidence of any of these misbehaviors exist, our ministry organization will forfeit our membership rights. Our ministry organization and its members agree to relinquish any right to financial reimbursement. We agree to not hold E-Church Essentials, LLC,, nor its representatives, legally or civilly liable.