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The Lord has enabled David A. Posthuma to author dozens of articles published in pastoral resource magazines, including REV!, Ministry Today, Ministry Magazine, Leadership Journal, Children’s Ministry Magazine, Christianity Today, among many others. In addition, David A. Posthuma authored two traditionally published books entitled: Made for a Mission, and eShift. Finally, David designed all the assessments offered within AssessME.org.

Receipts can be located taking these simple steps A common request I receive is, “Where are my receipts”? First, account administrators receive an emailed notice each month. But often our modern security systems block automated emails and so these important messages go unreceived. This was a serious problem in the old AssessME.org platform. But in […]

Our office has received numerous calls and emails by churches wanting to know how many Assessment Packs remain in their account. Since the new platform no longer tracks Assessment Packs, this feature was an oversight for our long established clients. If your ministry is a carry-over from the old platform, pre-January 2024, you will find […]

Configure NextSteps Now For many of our existing customers, and for all new customers, you will now find a new assessment and equipping program has been added to your ministry account…it is called NextSteps. It is far different from our traditional temperament-based assessments which require no configuration by our ministry administrators. NextSteps indeed requires your […]

One of the fantastic additions offered by the new generation of AssessME.org, are advanced Mobilization Reports. This is a feature request we have received for two decades. But to be honest, to create such reports we needed data to work with…LOTS OF DATA TO WORK WITH. And so, in planning the new generation of AssessME.org, […]

A New Generation of AssessME At the beginning of 2023, I was was deeply concerned that COVID had seriously damaged our AssessME.org ministry. Every business analysis suggested the ministry would be bankrupt by Fall of 2023. However, our Lord was faithful, and so was our customer base, enabling AssessME the time needed to restructure and […]