Data Integration

Integration With Church Community Builder by PushPay

Get Crucial Information With No Hassle

We offer an optional data integration between Church Community Builder and our Volunteer Mobilization Program. Activating this option eliminates all manual administration of your people’s assessment information. How? Well, your people’s assessment results will auto-populate within their CCB “My Fit” fields. This integration program runs invisibly in the background, requiring no administration. This optional integration is available for a one-time setup fee of $125.00.

Multi-Campus Support

The CCB data integration configures individuals as global, but each individual may be assigned to a campus.  So, then, this means a single account corresponds to a CCB church, whether multi-campus or not.  This means that when a church signs up for an Ministry Account, and the church activates the CCB integration, the account will then apply to their entire multi-campus church. This will enable each campus ministry to identify and share human resources with each other.

Assessments Supported

Once your church activates our optional CCB Data Integration, you will then be able to view the following assessment information from within Church Community Builder’s “My Fit” table:

How It Works & How to Get Started

To get started, download the setup instructions. Then, review the following screenshots to see how our data integration looks within CCB. Finally, log into your account to order the $125.00 integration. Once purchased, it will take about ten minutes to configure the data integration system. NOTE: Please follow the setup instructions precisely.

Access to NextSteps Discipleship Data

Note, the CCB data integration does not directly support our NextSteps Discipleship Program. However, if your church activates NextSteps, your people’s discipleship report information is available by selecting our Custom Link located below the CCB My Fit table. The custom link opens our Candidate Profile Report. Here, the NextSteps discipleship assessment results display at the end of the report (See Sample Report Below).

Sample Candidate Profile Report

Our Candidate Profile Report conveys assessment summary information for our spiritual gifts, personality, and leadership style assessments, plus skills and skill-related information. Also, if your church activates our optional  NextSteps Discipleship Program, this report information is also included at the end of the Candidate Profile Report.

STEP 1 – Select an individual within CCB, and then select “INFO” from the sub-menu. API Integration with Church Community Builder
STEP 2 – AssessME Report Titles Display within the CCB “My Fit” Table report titles now populate each person’s My Fit table. So, church staff may now search for potential volunteers based upon their personality type, leadership style type, spiritual gift type and skill type profiles. API Integration with Church Community Builder
STEP 3 – The Custom Link

To view a church member’s Candidate Profile Report, select the AssessME custom link entitled: “View Profile”. You will find this link located below your people’s My Fit table. If you are already logged into your Admin account, the Candidate Profile Report will open immediately. If not, the program will ask you to first login. API Integration with Church Community Builder

Run reports, build effective teams, and manage your volunteers more efficiently, with the preferred partnership between Church Community Builder and

One time setup fee: $125.00

Get started with your and Church Community Builder data integration. Select the button to the right to login to your AssessME account. Once logged in, locate the “Buy CCB Integration” link located within the left sidebar of the interface.