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Data Export/Import Options with Popular Church Software

Data Export from your account is in CSV file format, which defaults into spreadsheet format such as Microsoft Excel. We also offer data export in XML data format.

Many Church Relation Management (ChRM) software solutions accept our data export files through the means of a generic data import function capable of importing either CSV or XML data formats. We appreciate that ChRM software features are ever-changing, so this list is far from exhaustive, and may not accurately reflect any system’s current feature capability. (NOTE: If you are aware of additional ChRM solutions with data import capabilities, please email us to let us know, so we can expand our featured-solutions listings). If your programmer would like to build a dedicated data import for, download the schema. Some of these software solutions Include:

ACS Technologies


ACS Technologies, version 11.7, offers a People Management module with CSV data import capability for basic contact information and up to 10 custom fields. This capability should enable clients to export/import their data.

Church Teams

CHURCHTEAMSIMPORT offers a CSV data import interface that can accept AssessME data.



Limited Support: “If the fields were created in our flex field area then yes we could export from a CSV into Excellerate. It would only be able to create a new record for a member and input those custom fields it would not be able to update an already existing member in the Excellerate database“.

Excellerate Church Management

Contact: Adam, Excellerate Support


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-371-6878

Church Helpmate


HelpMate offers partial data import capabilities and may be willing to create a custom import utilities.



Logos offers partial data import capabilities and may be willing to create a custom import interface.

Seeker Works


SeekerWorks offers a dedicated import feature exclusive for



Seraphim Software

Data Migrations Services:

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Chip Mento

Phone: 855-681-6160

Simple Church


SimpleChurch CRM Software

Video: Mass Import & Update People:

Contact: Reagan Lynn


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 866-392-1744

Web Church Connect


Web Church Connect CRM Software


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1.877.225.3713