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Build Teams & Mobilize Volunteers

The Leadership Style Assessment is one of the most powerful tools AssessME.org offers your church. Why? Because it helps define each person’s style of functional influence within a team. To that end, it is an essential tool for building effective teams and mobilizing your volunteers into proper roles.

The Leadership Style Assessment Introduction:

Your church is full of leaders who do not know how to focus their influence potential to maximize their impact. Even worse, many people within your church do not perceive themselves as leaders. Yet, if that was not bad enough, most church leaders do not know how to position their army of leaders into effective ministry teams. For these reasons, we designed the Leadership Style Assessment to help your church overcome these challenges.

Our Leadership Style Assessment

It may look simple, but the theory behind this assessment tool is profound. This assessment examines how personality informs one’s style of influence. Every person has a unique influence style. In fact, whenever a person influences another, for either good  or bad, they are at that moment functioning as a leader. This is why the most basic definition of leadership is “Influence”. Each person’s effectiveness in ministry service is dependent, in part, upon their understanding of how to best utilize their style of influence.

Builders, Managers and Nurturers

Our Leadership Style Assessment is helpful for:

  • Positioning the Right People, in the Right Roles, Within a Team
  • Also, Defining Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
  • And, Categorizing Congregation Members into Influence-Pools of Builders, Managers, & Nurturers
  • Then, Formulating Leadership Development Strategies Based Upon Influence Categories
  • Succession Planning

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Three-Strand-Cord Leadership Teams

Three-strand-cord leadership teams bring stability and accountability to your ministry programs. So, rather than a single point-person being responsible for everything and everybody, three-strand-cord teams allow your leaders to serve out of their strengths and be supported in their weaknesses. It also enables a ministry to continue if one team member leaves the ministry program. Finally, it also provides a leadership development pathway to help prepare future leaders to assume responsibilities for where they may be needed in the near future. Now, below is one example of how our Leadership Style Assessment can help your church build effective ministry teams.

Three Strand Cord Leadership
Leadership Style Team Positions
Our Ultimate Three-Strand-Cord Model

Below is a depiction of the Godhead three-strand-cord leadership model. So, in essence, when we build three-strand-chord leadership teams throughout our church ministries, we are modeling for our congregation the functional roles of the Triune Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Accordingly, we believe in one God manifested in three persons.

Trinitarian Leadership Model
Leadership Style Global Reports

All Report categories are consistent in their data layout, so interacting with the interface is quite intuitive. Compare the ePersonality Report above with the Leadership Style Report below….

AssessME.org Leadership Style Report