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GOD PROVIDES SKILLS: We believe God provides us everything we need to do His will. This includes our skills which God developed within us (e.g., Exodus 31:3). In essence, Skills are an Old Testament form of spiritual gifts! In addition, skills are a direct result of a person’s God-given personality. For these resons, we believe it is important to discover ALL the skills God has developed within your church.

ORGANIC TRACKING: Our Skills Tracking program allows your list of skills to grow organically. This means there are no predefined lists to start with. Nor does the program permit church staff to pre-populate desired skills. Our market test studies have taught us that when a church permits the skills list to grow organically, church leaders will actually receive a greater quantity of skill responses. Likewise, when church staff preload a listing of skills they are looking for, our testing pools told us the list telegraphed that if your skill does not make the list, then your skill has little value in our church…a message no church would want to communicate.

COMMENTS: The Skills Tracking program also enables users to create comments related to their Skills. This data might include degrees, certifications, years of experience, etc. Comments are in short, “micro-resume’s”. Your leadership may review both the skill titles and the associated comments of each candidate.

Screenshot of Add Skills Tracking Interface

The Candidate Search Engine enables you to view all Skill categories, people associated with each listed skill, their contact information, and micro-resume’.

SAMPLE USER SKILL REPORT: Here is an example of a Skills report from one actual church member…

For more information on why discourages pre-listing of skills by church staff, go to this Organic Skills Tracking Article: “Why Church Staff Cannot Preload Skill Categories