Download AssessME Brochures

Download Brochures provides free PDF versions of it’s various brochures for immediate download. Our brochures address three distinct programs: 1) Our Volunteer Mobilization Assessment Program, 2) Our NextSteps Discipleship Tracking Program, and 3) Our Free Service Support for Church Consultants and Multi-Campus Church Networks. If you have additional questions after reviewing our brochures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please Download Brochures

Click Links Below to Learn About our Church and Consultant Programs:

  1. Volunteer Mobilization – These assessment include: Personality, leadership style, spiritual gifts, and skills tracking.
  2. NextSteps Discipleship Program – Our assessments include: Felt need analysis and linear spiritual growth.
  3. FREE Church Consultant Program & Multi-Campus Program – We understand that church consultants may have dozens of client churches at any one time. Likewise, many churches now support multiple church campuses. offers a free program specifically designed to support church consultants and multi-church campuses.