Download Brochure

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE: Please download our brochure which addresses our two fully integrated programs: the Volunteer Mobilization Assessment Program and the NextSteps Discipleship Tracking Program. If you have any additional questions after reviewing our brochure, please feel free to contact us.

Download Brochure Archive?

In the past, we provided separate brochures for Mobilization Assessments and NextSteps Discipleship Tracking as they were distinct programs. However, NextSteps has now been fully integrated into our assessment offerings for churches and parachurch ministries. Yet, if you prefer not to offer NextSteps to your church, you can hide the program from your congregation within your Admin Dashboard.

Church Consultant Brochure?

Previously, we offered a Church Consultant Program with a corresponding brochure. However, with the launch of our new platform in January 2024, the legacy program is no longer supported. While we still aim to support Church Consultants, the details of the new program are yet to be determined. So, if you are a Church Consultant interested in, please reach out to us. Because your input is crucial in shaping the new generation of our Church Consultant support program.

Future Church Consultant Program Under Consideration

Church consultant program presently under consideration include: The creation of a Church Consultant Dashboard for managing multiple church accounts at one time. Church Consultants would receive a 15% commission from churches that assess less than 500 people per ministry; the commission rate transitions to 20% when churches exceed registering more than 500 people per ministry.