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Free eBook: BETTER TOGETHER: Top 5 Strategies to Maximize Volunteer Mobilization

by David A. Posthuma
Founder of

Do you know the top 5 strategies to maximize your volunteer mobilization? Without the proper data and process, volunteer mobilization degenerates into repeated pleas for help. The last thing people want is to add more busyness to their lives. Potential volunteers need to feel confident that their church leadership understands who they are and how they will best fit into potential ministry service. They need to feel supported and convinced that they are essential members of the ministry team. Bottom Line: They want to respond to God’s call upon their life, not the church’s call to do more work.

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Our eBook, The Top 5 Strategies to Maximize Volunteer Mobilization Include:
  1. Respect God’s Design
  2. Reflect God’s Image
  3. Trust In Proven Skills
  4. Test God’s Gifting
  5. Require Spiritual Maturity