Editable Pastor’s Class Kit

An Equipping Class Kit for Your Church, only $99.00

David A. Posthuma developed the Pastor’s Class Kit from his own workshop materials. For years, David A. Posthuma spoke at pastor conferences and conducted leadership workshops. At that time, his teachings focused on how to best utilize our Volunteer Mobilization Assessments within the local church. Then, in 2006, David was severely injured in an accident. As a result, he could no longer continue his busy travel schedule. For this reason, David released his own workshop notes as a downloadable and editable Pastor’s Class Kit. Now, you can use this kit for your New Member Classes and Leadership Development Classes. This downloadable kit includes:

  • Leader Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • PowerPoint Presentations
This Downloadable Kit Is Available for Only $99.00.
  • Editable Pastor’s Class Kit
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    Pastors Class Kit

    The Pastor’s Class Kit consists of a Leader’s Guide, a Student Workbook, and a PowerPoint Presentation. Importantly, all three elements of this kit are fully editable. So, you may now brand and refine this kit for your unique ministry context.

    The Pastor’s Class Kit is ideal for New Member’s Classes, Spiritual Gifts Classes and Leadership Development Classes. Furthermore, the curriculum is based upon the book, Made for a Mission, and utilizes the AssessME.org online assessment program. Topics include:

    1) Introduction: God’s Role In Your Mission

    2) Lesson 1: Knowing Your Personality (Ministry Temperament)

    3) Lesson 2: Addressing Mission Myopia

    4) Lesson 3: Your Leadership Style

    5) Lesson 4: Spiritual Giftedness

    6) Lesson 5: Skills & Passions

    7) Appendix: Spiritual Formation Assessment

    Your Campus License permits you to make unlimited copies of the Leader’s Guide, Student Manual, and Power Point presentation for use exclusively on your ministry campus. Please refer to the Licensing Privileges and Limitations below for more information.

    Licensing Privileges & Limitations


    E-Church Essentials, LLC grants a site license to the purchasing organization. This license permits the purchasing organization to edit and modify the Pastor’s Class Kit curriculum, both Word documents and PowerPoint files. This site license also permits the purchasing organization to make unlimited copies of the Pastor Class Kit, modified or in original form, for use solely within its campus, or within a secure e-learning platform operated and controlled by the purchasing organization.


    The purchasing organization is responsible and liable for all mis-use of the Pastor’s Class Kit, according to, but not limited to, the following prohibited uses: The organization may not post the curriculum within a non-secure website, nor may the organization offer the curriculum (modified or in its original form) as a downloadable asset from a website or blog; the organization may not re-sell any curriculum based in part or whole upon the intellectual property developed by David A. Posthuma of E-Church Essentials, LLC; the organization may not distribute the curriculum for use by other ministry organizations who are not directly controlled by the original purchasing organization, as well as organizational extension entities (i.e., satellite ministries, church plants, etc.) who do not function on the same campus as the original purchasing organization.


    E-Church Essentials, LLC, and its owner David A. Posthuma, retain full legal rights to all intellectual property presented in this Pastor’s Class Kit, whether used in part or in whole. All federal copyright laws, rights, and privileges apply, copyright 2017.