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Our training books prioritize equipping individuals for service as a key mission of the church (Eph. 4:11 & 12). Thereby, to support this mission, David has authored Active Discipleship, Made for a Mission, and eShift as our primary training tools for church leaders.

  1. Training Book #1: Active Discipleship, Training for Disciple-Making |>Learn More| Active Discipleship provides the necessary theology, philosophy, systems, and solutions to revive the art of Active Discipleship within the local church. This book is a training resource in partnership with the NextSteps Discipleship Tracking & Equipping software.
  2. Training Book #2: Made for a Mission, Training for Mobilizing People Into Ministry Service |>Learn More| Made for a Mission educates pastors, staff, and key lay leaders to implement our Mobilization Assessments effectively within their church. It guides church staff in mobilizing volunteers, building strong teams, and developing leaders.
  3. Training Book #3: eShift, Training Church Leaders to Shift from Television-Culture Churches, to Internet-Culture Churches |>Learn More| eShift offers a cultural analysis of the epoch shift from television-influenced culture-churches to internet-influenced churches. While television-influenced churches currently dominate, the transition to internet-influenced churches is inevitable. eShift explores the need for presentational-churches to evolve into reality-churches to effectively reach the current and future generations.

Active Discipleship eBook, $5.99

Welcome to “Active Discipleship,” a guide tailored for church leaders seeking to rejuvenate the timeless practice of Active Discipleship within their churches. This comprehensive resource offers theological insights, philosophical foundations, and practical systems, to breathe new life into your church’s disciple-making. Altogether, drawing from fourteen years of extensive market research across churches of various sizes and traditions, this book introduces a groundbreaking disciple-making software known as NextSteps.

Every Christian is called to participate in the God-given mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ. However, the challenge lies in the practical implementation—how do we effectively organize, train, and mobilize the body of Christ? Furthermore, how can each believer serve both as disciple and as a contributor to the disciple-making process?

Active Discipleship” goes beyond mere training; it advocates for the establishment of a robust support system and organizational infrastructure. Unquestionably, most pastors do not possess the expertise in building such systems. As a result, we have partnered “Active Discipleship” with the NextSteps Discipleship Tracking and Equipping Platform hosted by Certainly, this collaboration ensures a seamless integration of intellectual insights and practical systems, making Active Discipleship a reality in the digital age.

Consequently, by combining the wisdom from “Active Discipleship” with the power of the NextSteps software, your church gains access to a revolutionary approach to intentional and interpersonal discipleship. Therefore, this partnership promises to transform your church’s disciple-making efforts, empowering you to make disciples of Jesus Christ more intentionally and effectively than ever before. So, elevate your church’s discipleship journey with the dynamic duo of “Active Discipleship” and the NextSteps software by

Active Discipleship Book by David A Posthuma

Made for a Mission, $12.79

Made for a Mission aims to assist church leaders and individuals in comprehending their purpose in God’s plan and ministry. By guiding individuals in crafting a life mission plan and illustrating their role in team-based ministry, this book is valuable for pastors, church staff, and lay leaders seeking to enhance their skills in team building and ministry mobilization. Discover how our God-given temperament influences every aspect of our lives, from personal discipleship to serving Christ. Our unique temperament reflects a part of the godhead, with each member of the Trinity embodying a distinct temperament and purpose. Understanding our individual mission design enables us to grasp our place within the Body of Christ and serve Christ more effectively. Identifying the right ministry partners who complement our strengths allows us to excel in our service while receiving support in areas of weakness.

Made for a Mission book by David A Posthuma.

eShift, $11.19

eShift serves as a training resource for church and ministry leaders, aiding them in grasping the cultural transition from television influence to internet influence. This shift significantly impacts how churches organize Sunday services and related support programs. While many churches believe they are technologically advanced by live-streaming services online, akin to television broadcasts in the 1970s, they fail to recognize the profound cultural shift towards internet influence. eShift guides local churches in breaking free from outdated 1970s approaches to church operations and transitioning into the digital era of the 2020s and beyond.

eShift book by David A Posthuma.