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Spiritual Gift of Faith

Faith: A Spiritual Gift Definition

The Faith spiritual gift enables Christians to trust God beyond that of an average believer. Accordingly, people with the spiritual gift of Faith often display unusual confidence in the will and purpose of God. To that end, these Christians exhibit confidence and communicate to others peace and assurance. Unfortunately, people gifted with Faith can become frustrated with with church leaders who move too cautiously or support a limited vision. This is because people gifted with Faith have confidence that God will do more through us than we could possibly think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

I Corinthians 12:9 identifies “Faith” in its list of spiritual gifts. Likewise, Hebrews 11 depicts a lineage of people who are honored for their great faith in God. James 2:22-24 makes it clear that true faith will be evident by the actions we take. Within the Church, Faith can be expressed in several ways….

Faith for Financial or Material Provision

People who possess the spiritual gift of Faith, may express it in areas of financial and material provision. To this end, they will likely demonstrate this gift through personal giving well above a typical tithe. Additionally, when they see a person or family in need, they are quick to extend themselves to meet that need.

Faith for Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Restoration

The spiritual gift of Faith can also be expressed through the complimentary gifts of Healing, Spiritual Discernment or Intercessory Prayer.

Faith for Risky Ministry Opportunities

People gifted with Faith often become frustrated with people and ministries who take small manageable risks for Christ’s Kingdom. This is because they know that God can do more than we think or imagine. Consequently, people of Faith can dream big because they are enabled by the Holy Spirit to trust big. For this reason, this type of gifted person will gravitate to roles and leaders who desire to accomplish great things for the Kingdom.

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