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ASSESS PERSONALITY (i.e., “Temperament“) is built upon a foundational belief:


God created all individuals in His image, each displaying unique behaviors and ways of serving, reflecting the Triune Godhead: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The doctrine of the Trinity highlights God as One God in three persons, each with distinct roles. God the Father oversees administratively, God the Son embodies creativity and mission, and the Holy Spirit provides nurturing, comfort, guidance, and conviction. Individuals may resemble one of these divine aspects, known as personality or temperament. emphasizes understanding how God designed us before discussing spiritual giftedness. Recognizing our unique design for His service is crucial. God created us first, then gifted us—maintaining this order is essential when using assessments.

We built our Personality assessment on the proven four quadrant, 16-temperament type construct. Like other major personality assessment providers, our assessment generates 16 temperament-types. However, unlike the others, we designed our assessment for Christians. Specifically, the ePersonality assessment identifies how God designed people to serve Him and others. And, to that focus, the assessment is highly accurate. It just makes sense: God knows the “good works” that He prepared in advance for us (Eph. 2:10), so he equipped us with everything good for doing His will (Heb. 13:20,21). “Everything Good” certainly includes our personalities. This is why People receive their greatest satisfaction and are most effective when they serve in a manner that respects their God-given personality. So, when leaders mobilize church volunteers into ministry service, they must understand how God designed them to serve.

In addition, effective Church leaders consider personality when evaluating an individual’s spiritual gifts. However, many church leaders do not follow this crucial practice. For example, two people may assess with the spiritual gift of “Teacher”. The first person is highly task-driven, so he prefers to use his teaching gift in a classroom. The second person is highly relational, so she prefers to use her teaching gift within a small group. God’s ministry calling for his people, involves this inter-relationship between the personalities he designs us with, and the spiritual gifts he gives us. So, if church leaders fail to consider personality, they will likely misapply how the spiritual gifts of their people should be used.

Each Personality Assessment report contains:

  • A descriptive ministry-relevant title
  • Ministry service highlights
  • A summary profile description
  • How the profile contributes to ministry service
  • How church leaders may best support the profile

The Personality Report displays a bar graph representing how many people in your church comprise each temperament profile type. While this bar graph can give church administrators some idea of what temperament types are more common than others, it may also convey the unique mix that comprises your church’s Organizational Temperament. Vacant temperament types, or type categories lacking a sufficient quantity of temperament types to accomplish the vision set forth by leadership, will require intentional recruitment of these types within your church, to enable your church to accomplish its mission goals. ePersonality Report

The second part of the ePersonality Report interface continues as follows…. Personality Report

By selecting an ePersonality title, a bulleted summary of that report displays. By selecting the quantity of people assessed as possessing the desired temperament type, the system will open the People Page, pre-sorted with the relevant data.