The New AssessME Monthly Subscription



Pew-warmers contribute little to their local church financially. However, individuals engaged in personal ministry, especially service aligned with their design and calling, are more inclined to give generously. Our goal is not financial gain but rather to inspire people to serve effectively in ministry. If, however, assists in converting a non-giver into a regular donor, it can cover your entire budget.

A Subscription Scenario

Recently, a church staffer explored after their previous free service for basic assessments became unavailable. Initially hesitant due to the $2,100/year rate for their 2,000-member church, they now recognized the invaluable human resource data provided by Converting just one non-tither into an active servant of Christ who tithes regularly could cover the entire year’s subscription cost. Imagine the impact if dozens or even scores of individuals start tithing regularly to support the ministry that has effectively mobilized them into Kingdom service! In this scenario, let’s consider that over time, twenty non-givers transition into tithers, each contributing $5,000/year. By investing in their human resources, the church could potentially gain $97,900 ($100,000 – $2,100). Your church leaders must think of as an investment, not an expense.

  • 1-25 Members
  • $25/month
  • $300/year
  • $1 per/month person
  • 26-100 Members
  • $50/month
  • $600/year
  • $0.50 / person / month
  • 101-500 Members
  • $100/month
  • $1,200/year
  • $0.20 / person / month
  • 501-1,000 members
  • $175/month
  • $2,100/year
  • $0.18 / person / month
  • Unlimited Members
  • $300/month
  • $3,600/year
  • $0.12 / person / month
    (Rate based upon 2,500 Members)


NextSteps is now fully included within our long-established Ministry Mobilization assessment platform. Your ministry now has access to all of our assessments for one low monthly subscription rate.

Our all-inclusive platform contains the following:

…all for one person at a low monthly subscription rate that makes it easy for any ministry to get started.

Dear Valued Customers

We understand that there may be some concerns about transitioning your church from pre-purchasing assessment packs to the monthly subscription model. We have already received calls from church leaders who were understandably confused. Allow me to clarify for you: By switching to the new model, your church will save more over time on assessments compared to repeatedly pre-paying for assessment packs costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Additionally, you will receive more benefits than ever before.

The switch is beneficial and worthwhile!

For established ministries with assessment packs, starting January 2024, you will need to confirm your subscription on the new platform by providing a debit/credit card. You will then be charged the base membership/data access fee of $25/month until your Assessment Pack inventory is depleted (NOTE: Your ministry is reimbursed with an additional 25 people you may now assess on top of your assessment packs. This is a $300 value. So even if you pay $25/month for twelve months, this also is $300… it is a financial wash). After you have depleted your Assessment Pack inventory, you will be treated as a new customer. will not count your old data toward your monthly payment rate. For established NextSteps clients who were paying $30/month or more, NextSteps is now included with our Mobilization Assessment Service, starting at $25/month. This is a significant savings!

AssessME Price Explanation chart


Database access now requires an active membership. Your ministry may cancel your subscription at any time, but doing so will restrict viewing of your data. Closed accounts may be reopened at any time without penalty, subscription rates will continue at the rate established when the account was closed.

We Never Charge for Support

If you have questions or need counsel on how best to integrate into your church culture, please feel free to call or email us. We never charge for phone or email support!