Pause or cancel subscription

Pause or Cancel Your All-Inclusive Subscription

Modify Your Subscription

Pause or cancel your subscription with at any time. For monthly rates, select monthly subscription based upon the number of members in your account.

NOTE: Please do not call or email the staff to request cancellation or pause of your subscription. Our office is not able to cancel/pause subscriptions for you. Only authorized account Administrators may cancel/pause their ministry’s subscription.


If you ministry only uses for distinct periods, such as college semesters, you may pause and restart your account with at any time, knowing that your data is retained and safe. Simply follow the same directions as if you were to cancel your subscription.


If your ministry wishes to discontinue your subscription, login to your admin dashboard and complete the following  directions:

  • Select the Admin Dashboard
  • Select “Settings” from the left sidebar menu
  • Select “Account” from the left sidebar menu
  • In the Subscription content field, select “Manage Billing”
  • Select “Cancel Plan”
  • Confirm selection (NOTE: Your data will be retained by in case your decide to reactivate your account).

NOTE: Your account is never really canceled, just deactivated. We protect and retain your valuable data in case you wish to retrieve it at a later time. also provides data export features as another means of backing up your data.