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NextSteps Discipleship Tracking & Reports

NextSteps Tracking & Individual Reports

Our NextSteps Discipleship Program offers both Individual Reports and Global Reports. Select the button below to view a sample Individual Report, or click here. Each person completing the NextSteps assessments receive an Individual Report. The report consists of three key pieces of information:

  1. Felt Needs Report
  2. Spiritual Maturity Report 
  3. Equipping Center 

To view a sample NextSteps Discipleship Assessment & Tracking system report, please select the button to the right.

NextSteps Tracking & Global Reports

Our Global Reports provide church leaders the big-picture of their congregation’s spiritual development needs. If your church is serious about discipling your congregation, then it is essential to know your people’s spiritual development needs. Our report information helps you plan and implement your disciple-making programs around each of the 9 spiritual growth phases. Theses reports include the following…

GLOBAL REPORT: Churchwide Discipleship Status
Below is a Screenshot of our Churchwide Global Status Report

This is an actual report from a church just beginning to launch their version of NextSteps. Like most churches, they first ran their leadership through the NextSteps assessments. This is why the report results are so heavily weighed on the Deploy phase. This report’s bar graph provides the percentages of people assessed at each of the 9-phases of spiritual growth. The table below also displays percentages. However, when you select one of the 9-phases of spiritual growth titles, it lists the associated people and their contact information.

Below is a Screenshot of the Global Progress Report

Discipleship is a dynamic Christian process. Every healthy Christian matures in their faith, character, and love for Jesus Christ. To help track this dynamic discipleship progress, we designed the NextStep assessments to be retaken. So, as your people retake the assessments, NextSteps tracks their spiritual growth progress, stagnation, or decline. It then reports this information within our Global Progress Report. For this reason, by default, NextSteps invites your people to retake the assessment every 12 months from their date of registration.

Sample Email Invite

Sample Email Invite

Additional system options include:

  1. Send auto-email invites every 6 or 18 months. 
  2. Manual invitations to retake the assessment sent on a per-need basis.
  3. Send auto-email invites to every church member requesting they retake NextSteps on a specific date. So, for example, churches commonly invite their congregation to take/retake NextSteps during Fall Kick-off each September. Then based upon individual results, their NextSteps reports guides each person to the proper classes, small groups, etc. that best fit their present spiritual growth needs.

Please view the Progress Report screenshot below…

NextSteps Progress Report
GLOBAL REPORT: Churchwide Felt Needs Status
Below Is A Screenshot of the Global Felt-Need Report

Our Global Felt-Need Report provides a clear picture of how many church members presently assess at each of the 24 Felt-Need categories. Accordingly, the report’s bar graph depicts the percentage. Then, select a Felt-Need category, and the names and contact information of the specific people associated with that Felt-Need category displays. Our intended purpose for providing the Felt-Need report is to guide your shepherding and counseling efforts. These report groupings help leadership plan for appropriate support groups. Keep in mind, an individual’s Felt-Needs may change often, so it is important to invite your people to retake the NextSteps assessments.

See the Global Felt Need Report screenshot below…

NextSteps Felt Need Analysis
Below Is A Screenshot of the Dashboard Reports

The NextSteps Dashboard is your NextSteps home page. This is the opening screen when you log into your NextSteps account. The Dashboard page includes the following information:

  1. Ministry Maturity Graph – Depicts what percentages of your congregation assess in the Discover, Develop, or Deploy phases of spiritual development. Also,
  2. Percentage of Congregation Assessed – The report permits church staff to enter the total church attendance and then displays percentage assessed. Also,
  3. Users Graduated – The graduation report displays the percent of your people who have graduated from one formation phase to the next within a user-selected period of time. Also,
  4. Assessment Center URL – This is the address of your front-end where your people sign-up, create their accounts, and complete the assessments. Also,
  5. Various Jump Links – You may navigate to specific parts of the NextSteps program via the sidebar menu of the provided jump-links.

View the Dashboard screenshot below…

NextSteps Dashboard