Data Integration

Data Export & Data Integrations

Volunteer Mobilization Program Data Export/Import

We designed to share its assessment data with Church Management Software Solutions (ChMS). Most Church Management Software Solutions (ChMS) provide a data import function, and accept CSV or XML data formats. Church Management Solutions (ChMS) are always refining their software. As a result, we cannot guarantee that your ChMS version will accept our report data. However, if your ChMS offers a data import feature PLUS allows for the creation of custom fields, then there should not be any issues. Note: If your ChMS already has fields for personality, gifts, leadership style, and skills, then there is no need to create custom fields for our Volunteer Mobilization Program data.

NextSteps Disciple-Making Program Data Export/Import

Few ChMS systems are designed to track spiritual growth. As a result, to import the NextSteps Discipleship data, you will likely need to create two custom fields: One for “Maturity Level“, and the second for “Felt-Need“. Please keep in mind that NextSteps data is constantly changing even as your people’s faith grows, stagnates, or declines. Likewise, their Felt-Needs change as often as do the life’s circumstances. This is why we recommend that you conduct an export/import of NextSteps data into your ChMS at least once a month.

Automated Data Integration Options

We currently provide automated data integration only with Church Community Builder (CCB). Our next planned API project will be with Planning Center Online. If you own or represent a ChMS and would like to partner with so that our essential information automatically populates fields within your software, please contact us, or call David A. Posthuma directly at 1 (800) 724-1159, Ext. #2.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a robust full-featured ChMS. WE offer optional automated data integration with CCB.

Planning Center Online

Planning Center Online is a modular feature-rich ChMS. Their “People Module” is completely free to use. Select the title above to learn more.

Data Export Options

Many ChMS solutions offer a data import function. Although we list numerous ChMS solutions that can accept our data imports, many more exist. Select the title to learn more.