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Planning Center Data Integration

Planning Center Data Integration, Now Available!

Planning Center Online is a very popular Church Management Solution (ChMS). This popularity is due to its low cost and modular options. This is why now offers an optional data integration with Planning Center. Please review the screenshots below to see how our data displays within the Planning Center Online software.

User’s Personal Profile

Sort People Lists By Assessment Type

Create A Follow-Up Strategy When Assessments Are Completed

As the screenshot shows, our data integration includes a Profile “jump-link“. This link enables church staff to view the entire Candidate Report within the program.

Get Started Now, $99.00

Our Planning Center Data Integration is an option you can turn-on within your church’s admin account. There is a one-time setup fee of $99.00. To proceed, simply log into your church’s administration account to purchase this integration (See Graphic Below). Then, after completing a simple setup process (Setup Instructions), the integration program will run invisibly behind both and Planning Center Online programs.

Buy Data Integration

Planning Center People Module Setup

Process Automation, Custom Reports & Notifications

The video content breaks down as follows…
  • Filter People – (i.e., Filter people by AssessME Gift, Personality Types, Leadership Style, or Skill) -2:20
  • Profile Page (i.e., holds AssessME Custom Tabs) – 3:11
  • Custom Filters (i.e., Filter using AssessME Custom Tabs) – 4:10
  • Work Flows (i.e. Set up what happens and who is contacted when someone registers with AssessME or completes an assessment) – 18:10; 21:41-29:40
  • Serve Forms (i.e., Consider creating “Serve Profile” matching service rolls with preferred gifts, personality, leadership style, or skills) – 29:40
  • Form Automation (i.e., What do you want to happen, and who gets notified when particular form elements are used/triggered) – 34:49 – 36:18
  • Lists/Reports (i.e., Create custom reports and assign auto-responses and notifications) 37:10 to end.