Volunteer Mobilization Assessments

Assessments for Church Volunteers & Staff

AssessME.org provides a battery of a assessments to help your church mobilize church staff and volunteers into effective Kingdom ministry service.

GraceGifts Spiritual Gifts Assessment
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Assessments for Spiritual Gifts and More!

AssessME.org provides a series of volunteer mobilization assessments for the local church. These assessments help church leaders find the right person, with the right gifts, and personality, for any ministry service opportunity.

The AssessME.org package includes three different assessments, plus skills tracking, to serve as a check-and-balance and increase report accuracy. As members complete assessments for spiritual gifts, personality and leadership, you will begin to see a consistent picture of how God designed each person to serve him and serve others. In addition, the skills tracking inventory provides insights into members’ specific or unique skills.

Our Volunteer Mobilization Assessments include:

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Register today for our Spiritual Gifts Test.  The GraceGifts spiritual gifts assessment filters ministry gifts through personality dynamics called gift expressions.